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BD Clean Kryptonite Ceramic Sealant

BD Clean were kind enough to send us a bottle of Kryptonite to put through its paces. We have been doing so both as a standalone product and in a group test against rival product which is coming soon. We tested the product on our own work vehicle as it is well used and an...


AUKEY HD-C29 Dashboard Mount

We tested it during a trip to Portugal to hold a phone for it's Satellite Navigation and numerous times back in the UK. The beaming sun was a test for the sticky mount on both the windscreen and dashboard....


Chipex Stone Chip Repair System

We have been using the Chipex system for around two years now. As members of the Professional Valeting and Detailing association who partner with Chipex, we trialled it as an add on for our business and as such have had extensive experience with the use of the process. During this...


Lumo Detailing Glass Cleaner

We picked up a 100ml sample from the Lumo team to put through its paces. We tested the product on many vehicles, using it on exterior and interior glass as well as mirrors and polished piano black trim surfaces and similar. As with all glass cleaners it is all about the finish and the ease...


Sam's Detailing Ceramic Boost

We picked up 2x 500ml bottles of Ceramic Boost to give a wide range of scenario testing to. We have observed the product as both a wet application and applied as a spray on detailer type application to dry cars. We have used it both as a top up product for ceramic coated cars and as...


AUKEY CC-S7 Car Charger (Aluminium)

We tested it out over a number of weeks to see what it was like over an extended period of time with both one and two devices charging simultaneously. It currently retails at around £8 and comes nicely presented in a small box with a manual and a warranty card. It comes with a...


Lumo Detailing Rubber and Vinyl

We were kindly sent a sample of the product to put through its paces and trial on a variety of trim surfaces. We ensured surfaces were thoroughly cleaned with an all purpose cleaner prior to application and applied the dressing looking for its ease of application, appearance...


Lumo Detailing Shampoo

We have been putting a sample of the shampoo through its paces on several different vehicles including ceramic coated, wax protected and heavily soiled cars. We looked at cleaning power, lubricity and quality of the product. Amazing smell that gives you a real out loud ‘mmm’ moment...




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