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Ring Automotive RAC630 12v Digital Compressor

The Ring Automotive RAC630 is a well-built piece of kit, it feels like a solid unit. It comes presented in a nice zipped fabric case that helps keep it protected when not in use. At around 19cm x 9cm x 17 cm the pump itself is compact enough to store out of the way in your garage or in your...


Polished Pigs Wheel Cleaner

Polished Pigs kindly sent us a range of their products to put through their paces and amongst these was a 550ml bottle of Wheel Cleaner. We applied this to a range of wheel surfaces, both heavily soiled and more lightly soiled and both agitated and rinsed without agitation to observe...


Polished Pigs Spray Wax

Spray wax landed on our door step as part of a range of Polished Pigs products we were testing. Paramount with any spray wax is usability and appearance so these were of main focus to us along with protection offered and value. Leaves an incredible wet look to paintwork. Real depth to the...


Rug Doctor Spot & Stain Remover Wipes

We acquired the Spot and Stain Remover Wipes as part of a range of Rug Doctor products we are trialling as we imagined them to be the perfect product to keep in your vehicle for any emergency spillages whilst out and about in the car. We largely looked at the effectiveness of...


Rug Doctor Odour Remover

We were kindly sent several bottles of Odour Remover to put through their paces and did so on a variety of vehicles. Amongst these, we had a vehicle in which was suffering from a damp vegetation type smell after a spell clearing a garden and associated tip runs, and also a car where...


Rug Doctor Spot/Stain Foam Cleaner with Integrated Brush

We were kindly sent two cans of the foam cleaner by Rug Doctor to put through their paces as we thought this would ideally suit the valeting market. We particularly were looking at areas around pedals and floor carpets where dirt generally gets rubbed into fabrics. We looked at...


Bear Car Care – Eradicate Iron and Fallout Remover

We were kindly sent 500ml of Eradicate to assess and put through its paces by Bear Car Care themselves as part of a review of their whole range. With fallout removers, obviously the removal of fallout is paramount but we also looked at the reaction times for the product, smell and the safety...


Bear Car Care – Renew Interior Dressing

We were kindly sent a 500ml bottle of Renew by Bear Car Care to put through its paces. We did so by applying to a variety of vehicle surfaces both those with heavy soiling and those with an already clean interior to observe surface change. We looked at the finish left behind by...




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