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Detailing Swabs - DetailingSwabs

We were kindly sent a set of Detailing Swabs to put through their paces. We have tested the products on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, testing them on intricate places such around badges, between panel gaps, door shuts and in fiddly interior areas. We looked at how they...


Lumo Detailing Quick Detailer

We were chatting to the team at Lumo Detailing at the recent Waxstock festival and after smelling the product and falling in love, we couldn’t resist purchasing a bottle to put through its paces. As always with detailers we were looking at the ease of use, the difference to final finish...


Auto Elixir Paragon Shampoo

After meeting the great team at Auto Elixir at Waxstock, we gathered a 250ml sample of Paragon to put through its paces. We have used the product on a variety of vehicles including those which are coated with ceramic protection, high grade waxes and bare paint with high levels of soiling...


Auto Elixir Zenith Glass Cleaner

We acquired a 250ml bottle of Zenith to put through its paces and have used the product over a number of weeks on both tinted and untinted glass and interior polished surfaces such as piano black instrument surrounds and touch screen displays. We looked largely at the products ease...


The Devils in the Detail – Sangria del Diablo Wheel Cleaner

We met the great team at The Devils in the Detail at Waxstock 2017 and their enthusiasm for the brand was infectious. We acquired several samples for testing of which, Sangria del Diablo was one. For testing we have used it on two vehicles, one with heavily baked on wheels and...


Wo-Wo Shampoo

We have used the product both with the minimum amount and maximum recommended in the wash bucket and tested using the two bucket wash method with a lambs wool wash mitt, ironically Wo-Wo’s wash mitt in this instance. The shampoo has been used on a variety of vehicles both heavily...


Wo-Wo Wheel Cleaner

We used the wheel cleaner on a variety of wheel types and levels of soiling. We both sprayed the wheel cleaner and rinsed directly off with a pressure washer and agitated the solution on wheels to observe effectiveness. We looked for the cleaning power of the product, the ease of use and the uniquen...



Kaiser Baas describe it as ‘the Kaiser Baas R50 Dash Cam captures incredibly detailed Full HD footage, so that you review your journeys with confidence. Even in low light conditions, the dash cam records every detail using a wide angle 156° lens with distortion correction.’...




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