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Mr Zogs Sex Wax Car Air Fresheners

These Sexwax Air Fresheners certainly have a name and design that get your attention – they describe it as 'Mr Zog at Sex Wax finally realised that for years people have also been buying his wax to make their cars smell great too! The Sex Wax car air freshener will make your car smell...


Naviwax Ultimate Carnauba Wax

Taken from the Nubawax website, official distributors of Naviwax; The highest grade premium carnauba wax from Naviwax range. Can be used on any colour vehicle. Naviwax is manufactured in Japan and is arguably the easiest applied and best finish wax in its class. Naviwax Ultimate...


​Flexipads Wheel Whoolie Wands

We purchased a set of 3 wheel woollies from Monza Car Care as we were keen to invest in something along these lines for the detailing business as well as put these to the test for the purpose of review. We particularly looked for the cleaning ability of the tools, the ease of use and build...


Meguiars Mirror Bright Detailing Spray

We purchased a bottle of Detailing Spray after being drawn in by the stylish packaging and put it to the test over an extensive range of tasks over a four week period. We tested on both interior and exterior surfaces and looked for the ease of use, cleaning properties, gloss enhancement...


Flex XC 3401 VRG Machine Polisher

We own the Flex machine and have done now for approaching 12 months. Ample time to form a view on the full range of capabilities of the machine. As with any machine polisher we have largely looked at the most important factors of cutting and refining ability and ease of use. We have...


Bouncer's Looking Sharp Glass Cleaner

We have been putting 500ml of Look Sharp to the test over the past couple of weeks and have used it on a variety of vehicles, both on interior and exterior glass as well as on interior surfaces such as piano black and shiny plastics that often respond well to glass cleaners. We particularly...


Bouncer's Slick Mick Car Shampoo

We were kindly scent 500ml of Bouncers Slick Mick to put through its paces and have done on a wide range of vehicles varying from heavily soiled cars needing much TLC to ceramic coated vehicles where we tested it as a maintenance product. Lovely thick shampoo that has a real premium feel to it...


Chemical Guys Stripper Suds Shampoo

We bought this immediately upon release. We adore the Stripper Scent air freshener and always enjoy using high quality shampoos. This should be a no brainer. We were obviously looking at the scent of the product and enjoyment of use and the quality of the shampoo in cleaning power and lubricity....




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