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HD Car Care Interior Cleaner

We recently acquired a 500ml bottle of upholstery cleaner and have used it in the detailing studio on a variety of vehicles in recent weeks. We have tried it at both stronger and weaker dilutions and both for upholstery cleaning and as a general all purpose interior cleaner. We looked...


Avalon King Armor Shield XI Ceramic Coating

We have been applying ceramic coatings for the past 5 or 6 years in our sister company so have vast experience in their application and general behaviour. Rather than a test vehicle, we decided to test this on the bonnet of our personal works vehicle. We prepped the surface...


Autobead Spray Sealant

We have been using Spray Sealant for some time now allowing us to gain an insight into the product. Over that time we have used it as a follow up product for ceramic coated vehicles and as a standalone protection to follow general treatments in our sister company’s detailing studio. ...


Soft99 Water Block

We were kindly given a pot of Water Block by the guys at Nippon Shine to put to the test. Incorporating it into the Protection treatments in our sister detailing brand, we have been able to observe ease of application, water behaviour and durability over an extended period of time. ...


ArmorAll Headlight Restoration Wipes

We were kindly sent two sets of the wipes to put through their paces and have done so on headlights of varying oxidation. We looked at ease of use, effectiveness, value and their place on the market. We Liked - Removes yellowing from headlight surface. -• UV wipes offer genuine UV...


Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light

Having previously tested out the PS-IL10R which we thought was a great inspection light we jumped at the chance to be able to test out what could be described as the PS-IL10R’s younger brother, the Unilite PS-IL5R. Much like the PS-IL10R, the PS-IL5R feels strong and well-built with strong...


Monstershine Car Care Cyclone Snow Foam

We were in need of snow foam for our sister detailing company and decided to purchase 5 litres of Cyclone. The brand owner recommended the cola scented version and we set about testing this on a variety of vehicles, also using the Monstershine snow foam lance. We observed dwell time, cleaning power ...


Bear Car Care Luminous Wax Shampoo

We have been using Luminous for several months now, during which time we utilised it as our shampoo of choice for maintenance washes in our sister brand. We looked at the finish given, feel of the product and effectiveness as a shampoo. Gives an incredible wet look shine to paintwork. Really...




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