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CarPlan Demon Ice

There isn’t much worse than going outside in the morning and finding your car iced over, its one of those tasks no one likes to do. This is where Demon Ice claims to help! Demon Ice advertised that it ‘prevents overnight freezing’ and is an ice preventer. Sounds great doesn’t it!...


Bear Car Care Radiant Spray Wax

After also being involved in pre release testing of Radiant, we got our hands on 500ml of the final product to put through its paces and feedback upon. We looked at mainly its gloss enhancing properties, ease of use and effectiveness as a protection. Smells incredible. Milkshake scented! A nice...


Meguiars Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner

We recently purchased a set of Meguiars products to put through their paces. Having always been a fan of the brand we decided to try some long standing products that we had not used before. With Hot Rims we observed largely its cleaning power, uniqueness and place for the product....


Cobra JumPack XL CPP12000

We tested the jump starter out on a 1.6L petrol engine. This device should comfortably be able to start the car. We charged the device up fully the night before and then drained the battery on the test car. Then following the easy instructions connected up the jump leads and attempted to...


Alien Magic Car Care – Air Fresheners

We were sent two varieties of the Alien Magic Car Care Air Fresheners for testing, bubblegum and new car scent. We have decided to do this as a collective review as scent is subjective in personal preference. We more looked at the effectiveness of the air freshener, value offered and quality....


Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax Shampoo

We recently purchased a bottle of Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax. Being a veteran product on the market, we were surprised in ourselves that we had never actually used it! We put it to the test on several vehicles observing largely the economy of the product, cleaning properties and finish....


Monstershine Redemption Fallout Remover

We were actually in need of some fallout remover for the detailing side of our business and decided to try something new, choosing to purchase 5 litres of Redemption to fill the void. During this time we have used the product on a wide range of wheels and bodywork and as with all fallout...


Alien Magic Diamond Glass Cleaner

We first discovered Diamond in the fantastic BecauseRaceCar Subscription box service, where we were so impressed we purchased a further 2x 500ml bottles of the products for testing. We have tested the product on a variety of interior and exterior glass surfaces including sat nav ...




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