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Autobrite Direct Superfoam Snow Foam

We acquired a 25L drum of Superfoam approximately 6 months ago due to the good face value that it offered on purchase. We have over the course of many vehicles observed the dwell times, cleaning ability and effectiveness as a pre wash. Foams well and clings well to vehicles.Smells fantastic...


Obsession Wax - Dynasty Hybrid Nano Wax

Dynasty has been on a long term test with us having been picked up at Waxstock back in July but with a 6 month claimed durability we decided to really put the product through its paces and observe full durability as well as characteristics. As well as durability we looked at water repellency...


Autoglym Professional Plastic & Trim Conditioner

Truth be told, we actually came to test this trim dressing several months ago by pure chance. We had just ran out of the trim dressing we were using at the time at the detailing studio and our local Autoglym rep popped in to see us. We accordingly purchased a litre of the trim dressing...


Autoglym Liquid Clay

Autoglym themselves were kind enough to send us 5 litres of the new liquid clay to put to the test. We have used it on multiple vehicles both on the bodywork and wheels. Main observations were the effectiveness of the product at removing contamination, reaction times and the value offered......


Bouncers It’s All White Snow Foam

We were kindly sent a 500ml sample of a pre release bottle of Snow Foam from Bouncers to put through its paces. We have tried the product at various dilutions, both on to bare paint and following a citrus pre wash and on both light and heavy soiling. We looked for dwell time......


ValetingProducts Cherry Glaze

We acquired a 500ml bottle of Cherry Glaze for the bargain price of £4.99 to put through its paces on two different donor vehicles, one of black paint and the other a mid grey. We looked at what is primarily expected of a quality glaze - the gloss enhancement and filling/masking...


Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer System

We purchased the pad washer for ourselves to satisfy our need to be able to frequently cleanse and refresh pads during use and to trial different product combinations during detailing. We have put the machine through rigorous testing with various machines and foam and microfiber pads....


Dodo Juice Supernatural Wheel Sealant

We were asked as part of our detailing business to remove, decontaminate and seal a quite complex set of Volvo wheels. We thought an ideal opportunity to put Supernatural to the test over an extended period of time as we would regularly be seeing the vehicle for maintenance. We observed...




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