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Bear Car Care - Obliterate Pre Wash

We have had Obliterate on test for quite some time at the studio and been able to put it through a range of tests and challenges in that time. We have looked at its effectiveness at a range of tasks including pre wash, tyre wall cleaning, engine bay cleaning and more! We have largely...


Cartec Iron Wash

Cartec UK describe the product themselves as follows; Iron Wash is a pH Neutral Fallout Remover and Wheel Cleaner. Developed to be extremely fast, while still being super safe, Iron Wash can be used on bodywork, wheels, glass and plastic to remove any metal particles or contaminants quickly...


Dodo Juice Spin Doctor Rotary V2

We actually purchased this machine as we had wanted a lightweight rotary alternative for within the detailing studio. During this time we have been able to look at its cutting and refining abilities and its general ease of use. A rotary polisher from the team at Dodo Juice, described...


G3 Professional Applicator Waffle Pads

Two handheld applicator waffle pads for use with a variety of correction and protection products. A firmer white pad for restorative work and a softer black pad for finishing, applying waxes and protection evenly. We have now used three sets of these pads on a variety of different products...


G3 Professional Snow Foam

We were kindly sent a 500ml bottle of the snow foam for testing and featured it in a video review for our Youtube channel on safe washing and also tested on several further vehicles. We looked mainly at dwell time, effectiveness as a pre wash and value. Smells great both out the bottle and during ...


Menzerna 400 Heavy Cut Compound

We have been using Menzerna 400 for the best part of 18 months in the detailing studio now and in this time been able to gain a great understanding of the products capabilities. We mainly look here at its correctional ability, finish left and usability of the product. We have observed this...


Menzerna Super Finish 3500 Polish

Menzerna 3500 came to our attention through necessity. We had purchased Menzerna 400 and occasionally found despite being a one step product that it left a stage that needed refinement. We purchased 3500 and have used it now for the last couple of years. We are particularly looking...


HD Car Care Lime Pre Wash

We have put 1 litre of Lime Pre Wash through its paces for some time now during which time we have been able to test it at a variety of dilutions and on a variety of tasks. We have looked at the cleaning power of the product, range of uses and the value offered amongst others. ...




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