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BUFF-IT Ultra Jelly Bean Shampoo

We were kindly sent 250ml of Ultra Jelly Bean shampoo to put to the test. On a range of vehicles we largely looked at the effectiveness as a quality shampoo, the smell and desirability of the product and the value that it offers. Feels slick during use, nice and lubricated feel across...


Keep it Mint Shampoo

Keep it Mint’s Shampoo landed in the BecauseRacecarBox who we work closely with in a 200ml miniature form. We tested the product on a range of vehicles both protected and unprotected and on various levels of soiling looking at its cleaning capabilities, finish and usability....


Autoglym Ultra HD Wax

We have been using Ultra HD wax over a prolonged period of time now since kindly receiving a pot on release for testing. During this time we have observed initial durability, repellency and protection, ease of use and finish on a wide range of vehicles. Stunning finish with a really...


TDG PH Neutral Pre Wash

We have been in touch with TDG over several weeks of late, assisting with feedback on some pre release products for the brand. During this time, they were kind enough to send us 500ml of Pre Wash to put through its paces. We looked at the cleaning effectiveness, dwell time, economy...


BUFF-IT Multi Surface Cleaner

We received a 250ml bottle of Multi Surface Cleaner in the BecauseRaceCarBox subscription box service for February and must admit that this was the first time we have come across the brand....


Bear Car Care Glacier Wax Safe Snowfoam

We have kindly been provided with 500ml of Glacier snow foam by Bear Car Care. We tested the product at various dilutions on a mixture of both protected and unprotected vehicles to observe a range of effectiveness. We looked at cleaning ability, effectiveness as a pre wash and the...


Bear Car Care Immaculate Premium Shampoo

Bear Car Care have kindly provided us with several of their products to trial, including Immaculate, which we received 500ml of to put through its paces. We have tested Immaculate on a variety of vehicles including those which have a ceramic coating, wax protection and unprotected heavily...


Autoglym Polar Blast Snowfoam

We were kindly sent 2.5 litres of Polar Blast by Autoglym to put to the test. We have used it on both protected and unprotected vehicles of various soiling, primarily observing cleaning power, economy and general effectiveness as a pre wash....




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