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Wo-wo Microfibre Towel

Wowo have recently revitalised and built upon their already popular microfiber towels, increasing the gsm and improving upon the towels further. Ideal for removal of sealants, glazes, waxes and polishes. Paintwork safe, soft edged towels which remove swirl mark risk....


Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer System

We purchased the pad washer for ourselves to satisfy our need to be able to frequently cleanse and refresh pads during use and to trial different product combinations during detailing. We have put the machine through rigorous testing with various machines and foam and microfiber pads....


Chipex Stone Chip Repair System

We have been using the Chipex system for around two years now. As members of the Professional Valeting and Detailing association who partner with Chipex, we trialled it as an add on for our business and as such have had extensive experience with the use of the process. During this...


Detailing Swabs - DetailingSwabs

We were kindly sent a set of Detailing Swabs to put through their paces. We have tested the products on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, testing them on intricate places such around badges, between panel gaps, door shuts and in fiddly interior areas. We looked at how they...


Wo-Wo Detailing Brushes

We have put these brushes through extensive testing over a period of three weeks, using them for a variety of tasks on a wide range of cars. We have combined them with the use of harsh wheel cleaners, fallout removers, interior cleaners and used them on their own in vent areas...


​Flexipads Wheel Whoolie Wands

We purchased a set of 3 wheel woollies from Monza Car Care as we were keen to invest in something along these lines for the detailing business as well as put these to the test for the purpose of review. We particularly looked for the cleaning ability of the tools, the ease of use and build...


Wo-Wo New Zealand Lambswool Wash Mitt With Thumb

We were kindly sent a mitt to trial by Wowo and have proceeded to use the mitt on a variety of vehicles with various levels of soiling and around both awkward intricate areas and larger flat panels. We largely observed the absorbancy and safety of the mitt, the ease of use and the value it...


Envy Car Care Long Handled Alloy Wheel Brush

We have owned the Envy wheel brush for the past 18 months and it has been our daily use wheel brush so has seen very extensive use on a range of wheel shapes and sizes and levels of soiling. We looked at a range of factors such as the ease of use, safety to wheels, build quality and...




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