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Power Maxed Tyre and Trim Dressing

We were keen to try this new offering from Power Maxed after being so impressed with their other offerings and loving the deep shine given by their tyre dressing and renovator. We tested the product on a variety of tyres and both heavily faded and general condition plastics as well as...


Power Maxed Tyre Dressing and Renovator

We purchased a 5 Litre container of Tyre Dressing and Renovator to trial on a wide variety of tyre types and sizes over a period of time. Durability with tyre dressings are more subjective than anything else applied to a car as tyres come in for the most grief of all of any part of the...


Autosmart Highstyle

We purchased a 5L container of Highstyle from Autosmart themselves on recommendation from detailing forums over how good it was as a tyre dressing. We tested it both as a tyre dressing and on interior and exterior plastics as stated by Autosmart as the products purpose....




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