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Polished Pigs Fallout Remover

We were sent 550ml of Fallout Remover from the Polished pigs team to put to the test. We did this both on bodywork and wheels, observing the effectiveness at contamination removal and its general usability for its role. We observed this both on very heavily soiled\contaminated...


Bear Car Care – Eradicate Iron and Fallout Remover

We were kindly sent 500ml of Eradicate to assess and put through its paces by Bear Car Care themselves as part of a review of their whole range. With fallout removers, obviously the removal of fallout is paramount but we also looked at the reaction times for the product, smell and the safety...


Autoglym Magma

We were sent a 500ml bottle of Magma by Autoglym to put to the test. We have used it as part of the decontamination process on two vehicles both on bodywork and wheels and observed the effectiveness of contaminant removal and place for the product....


Autoglym Liquid Clay

Autoglym themselves were kind enough to send us 5 litres of the new liquid clay to put to the test. We have used it on multiple vehicles both on the bodywork and wheels. Main observations were the effectiveness of the product at removing contamination, reaction times and the value offered......


Power Maxed Iron Off Fallout Remover

We have tested the Power Maxed offering in three formats. We did a direct comparison test with our other favourite Fallout Remover, Ferrum by KKD which we will bring to you soon. This was observed on wheels, flat panels and door panels on the same vehicle with reaction time, cling...


MadCow Slayer Fallout Remover

We purchased a sample of MadCow Slayer from the great guys at Sample This (Check them out!) We used it on a BMW 1 Series we were preparing for winter which was silver so ideal for observing the product in action. We love the quirky branding of MadCow, we get the impression...


Angelwax Revelation

Revelation from Angelwax, is a pH neutral fallout remover and is safe to use on all types of wheels and vehicle surfaces. Angelwax Revelation is the complete solution for removing harmful ferrous metals from wheels and bodywork, which, if left untreated can penetrate the surface...


CarPro Iron X

Quite simply it's probably the worst smelling product we have used so far….or as CarPro put it “Cherry Scent”. CarPro - Iron X is a highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced (6~7pH) car paint, wheels & glass cleaner (safe for all wheels including aluminum and alloys). ...




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