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Wo-Wo Wheel Cleaner

We used the wheel cleaner on a variety of wheel types and levels of soiling. We both sprayed the wheel cleaner and rinsed directly off with a pressure washer and agitated the solution on wheels to observe effectiveness. We looked for the cleaning power of the product, the ease of use and the uniquen...


AutoBead Alloy Cleaner

We were sent a sample of AutoBead Alloy Cleaner as part of a range of samples to put through their paces for the brand. We used the wheel cleaner on the wheels of two vehicles of varying soiling and observed the cleaning effectiveness of the product, value and usability of the product....


Mer Power Foam Wheel Cleaner

We were kindly sent a range of Mer products to trial and have been using the wheel cleaner on a wide range of vehicles as part of this. We have used it in conjunction with a soft wheel brush and tested the product both agitated and used un-agitated on the wheel. We were looking...


Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels

A non-acidic wheel cleaner that like fallout removers turns red on contact with that which it is removing. Promises to remove even the stubbornest of grime and brake dust. We purchased several bottles recently when a local supermarket were selling it at a ridiculously low price so...


Power Maxed Frequent Use Wheel Cleaner

It has been designed to give the cleaning power and the finish required by those with the highest standards. Frequent use acid free alloy wheel cleaner has been specifically formulated as a milder option than traditional acid when cleaning & degreasing wheels. Works by penetrating...


Autosmart Smart Wheels

Before we started testing various wheel cleaners for Trusted Car Products, Smart Wheels was our go to wheel cleaner. We have used it on a variety of vehicles and types of wheel from plastic to alloy to coloured and bespoke finishes at various dilutions. What we liked...




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