The Devils in the Detail – Sangria del Diablo Wheel Cleaner

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The Devils in the Detail – Sangria del Diablo Wheel Cleaner

What is it?

A fallout remover containing wheel cleaner from the team at The Devils in the Detail. Described on the website for the brand as eliminating every last speck of brake dust and iron rich contaminants with the pre-diluted cleaner safe to use on all wheel types.

How we Tested it:

We met the great team at The Devils in the Detail at Waxstock 2017 and their enthusiasm for the brand was infectious. We acquired several samples for testing of which, Sangria del Diablo was one. For testing we have used it on two vehicles, one with heavily baked on wheels and one moderate. We looked at both touchless washing with the product as well as agitation and largely observed cleaning power, ease of use and its place in the market.

We Liked:

  • Great branding, the name grabs your attention and ties in well with the overall brand of the company and is one you will remember.
  • Reacts very quickly to contaminates and bleeds deep red to show the product working and breaking down deposits.
  • Brilliantly effective cleaning power. Made very short work of the facia of a very heavily deposited Range Rover wheel.
  • Significantly speeds up deep wheel cleaning.

We Didn’t Like:

  • We hoped being a wheel cleaner as well as fallout remover that the smell may be lessened…. It isn’t, it stinks.
  • Had to use a fair bit of product to cover the wheel, though this could be reflective of trigger bottle for sample size.
  • Could work out expensive if used as your regular wheel cleaner.


A really impressive product that certainly made our lives easier when recently detailing a particularly heavily soiled Range Rover. Ordinarily we would be using a wheel cleaner to remove dust and grime and then follow this with a fallout remover to remove iron deposits, so being able to combine the two in a singular step was a time saver. We would like to give the product future testing at some point to see how it compares in terms of iron deposit removal against a standalone fallout remover but in terms of intended purpose it ticks many boxes. We look forward to seeing where The Devils in the Detail team develops and will certainly be using this product in our detailing studio.

A Closer Look

Cleaning Power
Dwell Time
Ease of Use
Value for Money

Our Score

Rating: 8.6/ 10

Trusted Car Products Approved

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The Devils in the Detail – Sangria del Diablo Wheel Cleaner

Product Information

- The Devils in the Detail – Sangria del Diablo Wheel Cleaner -

Eliminating every last speck of brake dust and iron rich contaminants. This pre-diluted cleaner is safe to use on all wheel types.

Do NOT allow to completely dry as it will be a Devil to remove (excuse the pun)


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