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Rug Doctor Odour Remover

We were kindly sent several bottles of Odour Remover to put through their paces and did so on a variety of vehicles. Amongst these, we had a vehicle in which was suffering from a damp vegetation type smell after a spell clearing a garden and associated tip runs, and also a car where...


Rug Doctor Spot/Stain Foam Cleaner with Integrated Brush

We were kindly sent two cans of the foam cleaner by Rug Doctor to put through their paces as we thought this would ideally suit the valeting market. We particularly were looking at areas around pedals and floor carpets where dirt generally gets rubbed into fabrics. We looked at...


Bear Car Care – Renew Interior Dressing

We were kindly sent a 500ml bottle of Renew by Bear Car Care to put through its paces. We did so by applying to a variety of vehicle surfaces both those with heavy soiling and those with an already clean interior to observe surface change. We looked at the finish left behind by...


Autobrite Direct Cleanse Leather Cleaner

We have been using Cleanse for some time now and as such had the opportunity to really put it through its paces on all manner of different leather surfaces and degrees of soiling. We have looked at the cleaning power of Cleanse and how easy it is to use as well as smell and general finish....


MER Multi-Surface Interior Cleaner

We used the interior cleaner on a variety of surfaces such as textured and untextured interior plastics, instrument surrounds and we even tested it on upholstery and leather. We looked for general effectiveness of the cleaner, the finish left behind, smell and ease of use....


Power Maxed Upholstery Cleaner

We tested the upholstery cleaner both as a spot cleaner for isolated stains on upholstery and leather and for cleaning larger areas in conjunction with a wet extraction vacuum. We looked for both the effectiveness of the product and its ease of use\speed of use. ...


Power Maxed Interior Dressing

The long awaiting Power Maxed Interior Range is here! We have been looking forward to trying this range for some time. From power Maxed themselves, their Interior Dressing is formulated to restore and enhance all interior plastic, rubber, dashboard and vinyl surfaces, leaving a subtle...


BD Clean Interior Gel Dressing

We have been using a 500ml sample of interior dressing from BD Clean for quite some time now which will continue to be the case due to the ridiculously good economy of the product! We have tested it on all manner of interior surfaces, observing mainly the finish left in terms of...




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