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Power Maxed Upholstery Cleaner

We tested the upholstery cleaner both as a spot cleaner for isolated stains on upholstery and leather and for cleaning larger areas in conjunction with a wet extraction vacuum. We looked for both the effectiveness of the product and its ease of use\speed of use. ...


Power Maxed Interior Dressing

The long awaiting Power Maxed Interior Range is here! We have been looking forward to trying this range for some time. From power Maxed themselves, their Interior Dressing is formulated to restore and enhance all interior plastic, rubber, dashboard and vinyl surfaces, leaving a subtle...


BD Clean Interior Gel Dressing

We have been using a 500ml sample of interior dressing from BD Clean for quite some time now which will continue to be the case due to the ridiculously good economy of the product! We have tested it on all manner of interior surfaces, observing mainly the finish left in terms of...


Valet Pro Classic Carpet Cleaner

We first used Classic Carpet Cleaner, sometimes called Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner, several years ago and it hasn’t been missing from our shelf yet. That may tell you something about the way this review is heading… We look at cleaning effectiveness, drying time, economy and odour....


Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater

We have used Enzyme Odour Eater as part of our valeting arsenal for several years now. It has been used on everything from spillages such as milk and coffee to sick and also in the treatment of mould as it removes that which the mould thrives on. An enzyme based odour eater. ...


Signature Group Satin Trim Dressing

As a trader we were sent a multitude of samples by Signature Group some time ago prior to Trusted Car Products operating and have since decided to pursue some of these further for review purposes. Satin Trim Dressing was one of these and we recently purchased a 5L container to put through...


50Cal Precision Interior Dressing

We purchased a sample from the great guys at Sample This and used it on a range of car interiors observing smell, finish, economy and ease of use. We Liked -Quirky packaging that remains stylish and professional looking as well as eye catching.Amazing smell, lovely berry smell that ...


Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer

We purchased a 500ml bottle from the great guys at Clean Your Car as somewhat of an impulse buy as we were short of interior cleaner/dressing and fancied trying something new. We then used Quik Detailer on a variety of vehicles and surfaces, spraying onto the surface directly and...




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