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Wo-Wo Shampoo

We have used the product both with the minimum amount and maximum recommended in the wash bucket and tested using the two bucket wash method with a lambs wool wash mitt, ironically Wo-Wo’s wash mitt in this instance. The shampoo has been used on a variety of vehicles both heavily...


Bouncer's Slick Mick Car Shampoo

We were kindly scent 500ml of Bouncers Slick Mick to put through its paces and have done on a wide range of vehicles varying from heavily soiled cars needing much TLC to ceramic coated vehicles where we tested it as a maintenance product. Lovely thick shampoo that has a real premium feel to it...


Chemical Guys Stripper Suds Shampoo

We bought this immediately upon release. We adore the Stripper Scent air freshener and always enjoy using high quality shampoos. This should be a no brainer. We were obviously looking at the scent of the product and enjoyment of use and the quality of the shampoo in cleaning power and lubricity....


AutoBead Shampoo

We have used Autobead shampoo on a range of cars of varying soiling using the two bucket method of washing and in conjunction with a lambs wool wash mitt. We were particularly looking for the lubricity and safety of the shampoo for paintwork and the cleaning power and how enjoyable the...


Autobrite Direct Purple Velvet Shampoo

We purchased Purple Velvet for use in our detailing business as we were in the market for a change from the brands that we have been using. Purple Velvet with its high dilution and high claims seemed an obvious choice. We have tested the shampoo on a variety of cars, both those with...


Power Maxed Car Wash Shampoo and Wax

We have been a fan of Power Maxed for several years now with their shampoo actually being the first product we used. To this day it is still a product we will use and over extended testing we have utilised the product on a huge variety of vehicles and levels of soiling as well as using it...


Rocket Butter Car Shampoo

We were sent a sample of Rocket Butter shampoo for trial and used it on an array of vehicles using the two bucket wash method. As with other shampoos we particularly looked for overall performance of the product, lubricity, smell and ease of use. Smells great and the smell lasts...


Dodo Juice - Basics of Bling Shampoo

According to Dodo Juice, a Wax-Friendly, Wallet-Friendly Shampoo - Basics of bling was purchased in a 500ml quantity for use by our PVD detailer. This gave ample amount to test on a range of cars. We also tested the shampoo for lubricity for use with clay and on both...




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