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Autoglym Professional Super Strength Shampoo

Autoglym provided us with 5 litres of the product to put to the test. We have used 10ml as recommended in a bucket as part of the two bucket method. Observing the cleaning power, paint safety and economy of the product among many factors. Pure shampoo meaning not only coating safe but...


Polished Pigs Shampoo

We were sent 550ml of Shampoo to utilise and review and have used it over the past 3-4 weeks at the testing studio on a range of vehicles. We looked at the slick feel\paint safety of the product as well as its cleaning capability, also factoring in value offered and its place in the market....


BUFF-IT Ultra Jelly Bean Shampoo

We were kindly sent 250ml of Ultra Jelly Bean shampoo to put to the test. On a range of vehicles we largely looked at the effectiveness as a quality shampoo, the smell and desirability of the product and the value that it offers. Feels slick during use, nice and lubricated feel across...


Keep it Mint Shampoo

Keep it Mint’s Shampoo landed in the BecauseRacecarBox who we work closely with in a 200ml miniature form. We tested the product on a range of vehicles both protected and unprotected and on various levels of soiling looking at its cleaning capabilities, finish and usability....


Bear Car Care Immaculate Premium Shampoo

Bear Car Care have kindly provided us with several of their products to trial, including Immaculate, which we received 500ml of to put through its paces. We have tested Immaculate on a variety of vehicles including those which have a ceramic coating, wax protection and unprotected heavily...


Lumo Detailing Shampoo

We have been putting a sample of the shampoo through its paces on several different vehicles including ceramic coated, wax protected and heavily soiled cars. We looked at cleaning power, lubricity and quality of the product. Amazing smell that gives you a real out loud ‘mmm’ moment...


Auto Elixir Paragon Shampoo

After meeting the great team at Auto Elixir at Waxstock, we gathered a 250ml sample of Paragon to put through its paces. We have used the product on a variety of vehicles including those which are coated with ceramic protection, high grade waxes and bare paint with high levels of soiling...


Wo-Wo Shampoo

We have used the product both with the minimum amount and maximum recommended in the wash bucket and tested using the two bucket wash method with a lambs wool wash mitt, ironically Wo-Wo’s wash mitt in this instance. The shampoo has been used on a variety of vehicles both heavily...




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