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CarPlan Demon Ice

There isn’t much worse than going outside in the morning and finding your car iced over, its one of those tasks no one likes to do. This is where Demon Ice claims to help! Demon Ice advertised that it ‘prevents overnight freezing’ and is an ice preventer. Sounds great doesn’t it!...


Unilite PS-IL10R USB Inspection Light

Unilite have a great reputation for their lights and just by looking over social media we can see they have many people praising their products. The Unilite PS-IL10R Inspection Light is an upgraded version of their bestselling PS-IL6R inspection light with the upgrade seeing...


Ring Automotive Magflex Twist LED Inspection Light

Ring Automotive is a leading European brand in car accessory products and lighting so we were keen to see what their Inspection Light offering was – so we tested out the Ring Automotive Magflex Twist LED Inspection Light which is one of their most popular lights....


Sealey LED 360G Inspection Light

Sealey are one of the largest tool manufacturer here in the UK used by both the trade and home users. We wanted to see what their inspection light offering has so we put the Sealey LED 360G Inspection Light to the test....


OSRAM LEDinspect Slimline 280 Inspection Lamp

We’ve always associated Osram as a company that product quality car bulbs, but we only recently realised they also stretch out into the torches and inspection light markets – so given their reputation for bulbs we were eager to test out their inspection lights....


Draper USB Slimline Cob Led Rechargeable Inspection Light

Draper are renound for their tools so we were keen to test out one of their inspection lights, draper kindly provided us with their Slimline LED inspection light. This first thing you would notice about the inspection light is the long thin light area that allows you to slide the light...


Muson MK2 Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver

The Muson MK2 is a portable Bluetooth receiver and transmitter aimed at not only in your vehicle but in the home. The first thing that strikes you is the size – coming in at only around 48mmx48mm (minus cables of course) and weighing just 15 grams. It comes well presented in a small box...


AUKEY HD-C29 Dashboard Mount

We tested it during a trip to Portugal to hold a phone for it's Satellite Navigation and numerous times back in the UK. The beaming sun was a test for the sticky mount on both the windscreen and dashboard....




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