Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light

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Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light

What is it?

Having previously tested out the PS-IL10R which we thought was a great inspection light we jumped at the chance to be able to test out what could be described as the PS-IL10R’s younger brother, the Unilite PS-IL5R.

Much like the PS-IL10R, the PS-IL5R feels strong and well-built with strong polycarbonate and Ultra tough aluminium surrounding the light with a rubber strip going around the outside.

The PS-IL5R produces 500 Lumens from it’s main torch area and 200 Lumens off the top torch area. The main torch area produces a bright and wide light for lighting up a whole area whereas the top torch is more directional for lighting up a specific area.

It also features a magnetic hook allowing it to cling onto any metal surface meaning you can keep your hands free.

It’s powered by a 3.7V 2500mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery which will give it up to 7 hours run time off a full charge.

The Unlite PS-IL5R retails for around £30-35 and is available from a number of different retailers.

How we tested it?

As with all inspection lights we test it in a dark unit in an engine bay to test its brightness, ability to get into different areas and ability to use handsfree. All inspection lights are fully charged prior to testing.

We Liked:

  • It feels like a quality inspection light that would last
  • It's wide 500 lumens light is generally bright and versatile enough for any job
  • It has an IP54 rating keeping water and dust out

We didn’t like:

  • If we were nitpicking then it would be useful to have a magnet available on the base of the torch too.


Much like its bigger brother, it’s a fantastic inspection light coming in at a reasonable price. It feels like the polycarbonate and aluminium body would certainly take some abuse unlike many other inspection lights we’ve tested. Ok, it may be useful to have a magnet on the base, but apart from that we’re struggling to fault it to be honest. Would we recommend it? Yes, certainly.

A Closer Look

Build Quality
Value for Money

Our Score

Rating: 10/ 10

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Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light
Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light
Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light
Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light
Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light
Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light

Product Information

- Unilite PS-IL5R LED Inspection Light -

The inspection light is a multi purpose tool for all aspects of work & leisure. IP54 the lamp is fully weatherproof for all conditions meaning greater continual performance. The high capacity Lithium USB rechargeable batteries power the ultra bright Samsung LEDs to give unrivalled performance when carrying out tasks.

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