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Autoglym Clean All

Autoglym kindly sent us 5 litres of Clean All in a statement to say they believe their product was better than other competitors. Naturally we took them up on this challenge and have tested the product in a range of means from interior deep cleaning to exterior pre-wash, bug removal...


Autosmart G101 Multi Purpose Cleaner

We purchased 5L of G101 some time ago for use in the detailing business. Due to the dilution ratios, it has lasted us quite some time. In this time we have tested it on a wide range of uses from fabric roof cleaning to engine bays, general interior and exterior cleaning and even wheel...


Envy Car Care All Purpose Cleaner

Envy Car Care APC or All Purpose Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner for both use inside and outside the vehicle. It can be diluted as strongly as 10:1 for heavy cleaning or as little as 80:1 for light soiling and general maintenance cleaning. We were sent a 500ml bottle to trial...




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