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Sam's Detailing Ceramic Boost

We picked up 2x 500ml bottles of Ceramic Boost to give a wide range of scenario testing to. We have observed the product as both a wet application and applied as a spray on detailer type application to dry cars. We have used it both as a top up product for ceramic coated cars and as...


Naviwax Ultimate Carnauba Wax

Taken from the Nubawax website, official distributors of Naviwax; The highest grade premium carnauba wax from Naviwax range. Can be used on any colour vehicle. Naviwax is manufactured in Japan and is arguably the easiest applied and best finish wax in its class. Naviwax Ultimate...


Bouncers Bead Juice Exterior Nano Tech Spray Sealant

Bead Juice is a new product from the team at Bouncers designed to give fantastic water beading and protection with complete ease. With the ability to apply both on a dry and wet car, the product focusses on ease of use and achieving great protection, quickly. We were both sent a pre release...


AirGlide Ultimate Shield Paint Sealant System

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, we set about applying the complete Airglide kit. Prior to application we ensured the paintwork surface was clean and used a panel wipe to completely cleanse the surface of any oils and grease. Airglide claim, depending on conditions...


Auto Perfection Trio

We picked up a 500ml bottle of Trio at Waxstock this year along with a range of Auto Perfection products. Trio immediately grabbed us due to its ‘all in one’ claims and we were keen to test this. We largely looked at the ease of use of the product, the finish it gave to paintwork and...


Envy Car Care FA

We were sent a 500ml bottle to trial and review. We have used the product in various ways on a multitude of vehicle types both wet and dry and have used it as a final sealant and as maintenance protection. We have observed largely the visual appearance of the finish, water repellency...


Power Maxed Summer Jacket

We were sent a 500ml bottle by Power Maxed to review, we were very excited to try it as we loved their other protection products and didn’t know this was even due for release! We have used it on a range of treatments as a final protective stage and also topped with wax. We have...


Power Maxed Typhoon Carnauba Wax

A new detailing wax from the team at Power Maxed with a lemon sorbet scent. With claimed durability in the region of 3 to 4 months and hydrophobic water beading and sheeting technology due to its T1 Carnauba wax content. We were sent a pot of Typhoon from Power Maxed...




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