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Lumo Detailing Glass Cleaner

We picked up a 100ml sample from the Lumo team to put through its paces. We tested the product on many vehicles, using it on exterior and interior glass as well as mirrors and polished piano black trim surfaces and similar. As with all glass cleaners it is all about the finish and the ease...


Auto Elixir Zenith Glass Cleaner

We acquired a 250ml bottle of Zenith to put through its paces and have used the product over a number of weeks on both tinted and untinted glass and interior polished surfaces such as piano black instrument surrounds and touch screen displays. We looked largely at the products ease...


Bouncer's Looking Sharp Glass Cleaner

We have been putting 500ml of Look Sharp to the test over the past couple of weeks and have used it on a variety of vehicles, both on interior and exterior glass as well as on interior surfaces such as piano black and shiny plastics that often respond well to glass cleaners. We particularly...


AutoBead Glass Cleaner

We have tested Autobeads glass cleaner on a variety of vehicles glass as well as interior polished piano black surfaces and dials\screens to observe the range of uses of the product. We were primarily looking at the finish the glass cleaner left and the ease of use and value...


Turtle Wax Ice Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent

We tested Turtle Wax Ice as part of a group test against rival products, particularly as it was a budget alternative to other rain repellent coatings. We also tested the product individually and as with other glass sealants looked for water repellency on light and heavy water flow, ease of...


BD Clean Glass Cleaner

We were sent 500ml of BD Clean Glass Cleaner to review and have used it on both the interior and exterior glass of many vehicles. We have used it both with a microfibre cloth to buff the cleaner away and also with a dedicated glass cleaning streak buster towel to remove any remaining residue....


Signature Group Diamond Finish Glass Cleaner

Signature Glass Cleaner has been developed to effortlessly remove dirt, dust, road grime and tobacco film from any glass surface. The specially designed formula allows for a steak-free finish every time. The ammonia free solution means that it is safe to use on any tinted glass surface....


Autoglym Fast Glass Cleaner

We have used Autoglym fast glass on a variety of vehicles for years within the detailing business. It was the first glass cleaner we used and still use it to this day when needed. We applied several sprays to interior and exterior glass and wiped over with a microfiber before buffing...




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