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Autosmart Topaz Polish

Upon hearing of AS Topaz, we contacted our local rep to get our hands on a sample to trial. We have since purchased a 5L contained to extensively test Topaz on a range of paint finishes. It's ridiculously easy to apply polish, it goes on like butter with a tiny amount on a foam...


Autoglym Super Resin Polish

We have used Autoglym Super Resin many times over the years and it was actually the first car polish we used. It has been used on paintwork in great condition and paintwork in abysmal condition. We look at the finish the polish leaves, correcting or filling capabilities, dusting, ease of use...


Sonax Perfect Finish

As a professional car detailing service, the need for one step polishing is great. Certain vehicles arrive with moderate defects and do not require heavy cut while others may be on a short time scale, needing to turn the vehicle around in a day or little more. We were very intrigued...




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