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Dodo Juice Basics Of Bling Detailing Spray

Basics of Bling Detailing Spray was purchased in concentrate form for our Detailing business with the hope of providing a great value bulk use detailer that we could use for a wide range of tasks. We have used the product for everything from the final step gloss enhancement to cleaning door...


Autobrite Direct Elegance Luxurious Finish Detailing Spray

We have used Elegance for some time now using it as a final step on many a treatment in the detailing studio. We have looked for the added gloss and lustre the product offers, ease and enjoyment of use and the general place of the product in the car care arsenal....


Bouncers Done and Dusted Quick Detailer

We were kindly sent 500ml by the team at Bouncers to put through its paces and were very keen to test particularly as we have had some fantastic detailers on test in the past. We tried Done and Dusted on all claimed suitable surfaces for the product and then some to observe its capabilities...


OCD Finish Velocity Si02 Ceramic Detailer

The OCD Finish team sent us a 500ml bottle of Velocity to put through its paces. We have used the product for a variety of uses to observe its versatility, durability and ease of use as well as looking at the value the product offers and its place on the market. It comes in a stylishly...


Rocket Butter Shine Shield Detailer

We were sent a range of Rocket Butter products to put through its paces. We have used the detailer on a variety of cars, including our own to monitor the protection, beading and observe the finish left by the product. Easy to use, literal spray and wipe to apply leaving no...


BD Clean Gloss Detailer

We were sent a 500ml bottle by BD Clean to put through its paces and feedback upon. We have used it in everything from sprucing protection and gloss post treatment to cleaning door shut areas and lightly soiled wheels and bodywork. We looked at gloss, ease of application, scent...


Garry Deans Infinite Use Detail Juice

We picked up a sample of the product from the great guys at Sample This and the biggest problem was deciding how to try it! We decided to use it as a glass cleaner, interior cleaner, quick detailer\spray wax and to clean door shuts with. They aren’t lying, you really can use this...


Power Maxed Quick Detailer

We were sent a range of products by the great guys at Power Maxed to trial and review for them. We have since got through 2 litres of their quick detailer using it on all manner of things from door shuts and wheels to a final step in details and to remove blemishes from a finish. ...




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