Monstershine Car Care Cyclone Snow Foam

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Monstershine Car Care Cyclone Snow Foam

What is it?

Monstershine themselves describe the product as follows;

Like doing the dishes, the best way to remove the grime and dirt and reduce the need for harmful scrubbing is by giving your car a good soak. Easy in the kitchen sink, not so easy for a car… We have developed our Cyclone snow foam to cling to your car and stay foamy more than long enough for our special formula to do it’s job.

Why Cyclone? We’ve made a foam which is pH neutral, wax and sealant safe, and in true Monstershine style, it smells awesome!

How we Tested it:

We were in need of snow foam for our sister detailing company and decided to purchase 5 litres of Cyclone. The brand owner recommended the cola scented version and we set about testing this on a variety of vehicles, also using the Monstershine snow foam lance. We observed dwell time, cleaning power and economy of the product as key focuses.

We Liked:

  • Smells incredible, just like cola bottle sweets!
  • Perfect consistency, not too thick or too thin. Overly thick foam can be wasted foam, this is perfect.
  • Effective cleaning power, softened dirt on the vehicle.
  • Good value, 5 litres comes in at just £18.99.
  • Economical too, can get away with high dilution levels depending on water hardness.

We didn’t like:

  • Some rivals have a touch more cleaning power.


Snow foam has become more and more understood in recent times. When it first hit the scene, people misunderstood it as the wash stage, then it became very much a gimmick in a lot of cases where style in the form of scent and even colour overtook substance. Now the phase has run its course as the “in” thing to do to your car, the quality has increased with more understanding of its place as a pre wash. Cyclone is a product that falls very much in the quality bracket. You can tell as soon as you use it that a lot of work has gone in to mastering the dwell time and economy of the product which allow the product as a pre wash to perform very well. Yes some rivals have more outright cleaning punch but at the expense of less economy or higher pricing. That’s not to say Cyclone is a poor cleaner, far from it. If anything – we would say Cyclone is arguably the best all rounder on the market.

A Closer Look

Cleaning Power
Dwell Time
Ease of Use
Value for Money

Our Score

Rating: 9.5/ 10

Trusted Car Products Approved

This product has been awarded Trusted Car Products Approved status.

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Monstershine Car Care Cyclone Snow Foam
Monstershine Car Care Cyclone Snow Foam

Product Information

- Monstershine Car Care Cyclone Snow Foam -

Thick foaming snow foam formula which clings well (even on protected paint) and is kind to your paintwork. Like doing the dishes, the best way to remove the grime and dirt and reduce the need for harmful scrubbing is by giving your car a good soak. Easy in the kitchen...


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