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We've taken the standard DAS-6 PRO and improved it with a all new body design and larger 15mm throw. The results are simply a more ergonomic machine which not only runs smoother, but polishes faster. The unique 15mm throw we feel is the optimum throw for a dual action polisher.

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What is it?

The DAS6Pro+ is a large throw random orbital polisher. Available from Clean Your Car and sold individually or as sets with compatible pads and polishes\compounds. The machine is the top end model in the DAS6 range sitting above the standard DAS6 and the DAS6Pro both of which have smaller throws and are more dual action than random orbital in their function.

How we Tested it?

We have actually owned the DAS6Pro+ for 8 months now having acquired it to fill our need for a large throw machine polisher. Over that time it has been used for a multitude of uses from paint enhancement and full corrections as well as wet sanding tasks and headlight restorations. We have observed the general quality and usability of the machine, its performance in terms of paint correction and refinement and value for money.

We Liked:

  • Good value compared to rivals such as Rupes and the Flex with it in fact costing half the price of the Rupes.
  • Can achieve very strong levels of cut when used with the appropriate pad and product combination.
  • Our model came with a carry case which has storage for both machine, a couple of pads and bottles of product and is very useful.

We Didn’t like:

  • Quite simply the worst cable design on an electrical product that we have ever encountered. We have been through 4 cables now on the machine and we treat all our equipment carefully. The cable curls around itself and coils with the tightness of a boa constrictor! This obviously then puts pressure on the cable during use and eventually shorting out.
  • Noisy and quite vibration heavy machine.
  • Machine is quite easy to bog down under very little pressure at all or on any sort of awquard panel angle.


At the time of writing this review, we have actually moved on to a new machine polisher in the form of the Flex. The fact was the cable made the machine completely unusable. Even when the machine was working, putting the cable over your shoulder as all professional detailers do was almost impossible due to how coiled the cable was. One cable failure you can say it happens, twice is bad luck, four times its time for a new machine. It’s a shame as the machines performance in itself isn’t bad at all and at times we have been very happy with the results.

Update: Since this review was originally published we've been made aware that the cable has now been revised. It now comes with a 1.0mm2 "premium anti kink" cabled. This may resolve issues we had with the cable however it remains untested by Trusted Car Products.

by Andy Aug 2016

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