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With a starting current of 300 and 500 peak Amps, the Cobra JumPack XL has enough power to jump start most gasoline and diesel cars, light-duty trucks and cargo vans multiple times on a single charge. What if you could jump start your car, light-duty truck, cargo van and charge your mobile devices off the same battery pack that easily fits in your backpack or glove compartment? The Cobra JumPack® XL is all of that and more.

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What is it?

Any car new or old can suffer from battery issues particularly if left unused for a long time, fortunately the availability of portable compact jump starters are on the up. These are small and convenient enough for you to put in your glovebox.

The Cobra JumPack, which relies on Lithium-ion batteries to hold a useful amount of charge into a unit that is just 165mm x 78mm x 32.5mm. It shoehorns 11,100mAh which is double most laptop batteries. This supplies as 500A peak and a 300A starting current.

Cobra don’t advertise what size engine this is likely to be able to jump start (although it’s difficult to say because batteries may have some charge, just not enough to turn over an engine) however judging by the statistics I would estimate it could turn over a 3L diesel engine and a larger petrol engine if completely flat.

The jump start cables simply plug into the side of the unit and is small enough to be positioned near the battery that you’re trying to assist. There’s a USB port available too, which can supply up to 2.4A at 5V.

Not only that, there is a brightly lit LED strip on the top along with a green-ringed button, which you press to determine remaining capacity left in the Jump starter. To activate the inbuilt LED light you simply press and hold the button and a second LED on the front lights up, so you can use the JumPack as a torch which is great for a night time jumpstart.

There are two options for recharging. You can either use the cigarette lighter adapter, or the micro-USB port.

It currently retails at around £65 but the price varies from a range of different retailers.

How we tested it?

We tested the jump starter out on a 1.6L petrol engine. This device should comfortably be able to start the car.

We charged the device up fully the night before and then drained the battery on the test car. Then following the easy instructions connected up the jump leads and attempted to start the car.

We Liked:

  • Device is nice, compact and feels well made.
  • The LED light is very useful to help you see whilst connecting it up if you find yourself with a flat battery at night.
  • Comes with a zipped carry case that holds everything.

We didn’t like:

  • It’s hard to pick out any negatives on a product that feels solid, works well and is competitively priced.


We were impressed with the Cobra Jumpack - it’s compact, powerful and feels well made. We really struggled to pick flaws with it. It’s priced competitively for a jump starter with its capacity. Would we recommend it? Yes.

by Peter Jan 2019

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