Sailnovo 430L Roof Bag Review

Sailnovo 430L Waterproof Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier
The Sailnovo 430L Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier offers a waterproof, robust, and spacious storage solution for any vehicle. Despite minor shortcomings, its user-friendly design and affordability make it an excellent travel companion
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Driving off for a holiday, navigating through a thrilling adventure, or even shifting homes often involves dealing with an avalanche of essentials. The solution lies not in cramming your car’s interior but in efficient use of the exterior. Enter the Sailnovo 430L Roof Bag, a revolutionary product that promises to transform your travelling experience.

Quality & Design

Crafted with waterproof fabric, the Sailnovo carrier safeguards your belongings from the unpredictable British weather, providing utmost protection against rain, snow, and even the harsh sun. It sports an invisible zipper and well-placed magic stickers, ensuring an impenetrable shield for your luggage.


  • Resilient and waterproof material
  • Invisible zipper for enhanced waterproofing
  • Magic stickers for added protection

Capacity & Storage

Offering a colossal 15 cubic feet storage, this roof cargo bag epitomises 'capacity'. Whether it's a family outing or a daring adventure, it ensures that no essential is left behind. What sets this product apart, however, is its ability to fold down to a compact size when not in use, making storage a breeze.


  • Substantial 15 cubic feet storage capacity
  • Foldability for convenient storage
  • Augments vehicle space for optimum usage

Sturdiness & Portability

The carrier comes with six additional straps, tackling the issue of shifting luggage while driving. The straps are ample length, catering to diverse carrier requirements. This blend of robustness and portability can add a significant level of comfort to your journeys.


  • Six extra straps for added stability
  • High portability enhancing comfort during travel

Ease of Installation

Installation is no puzzle with the Sailnovo carrier. With its foldable material, built-in tie straps, and additional straps, you can have it up and ready in a matter of minutes. Once your journey concludes, it folds back into its storage bag, ready for the next adventure.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • User-friendly storage options

User Experience

Being an excellent alternative to a box/roof rack, the product has garnered a considerable amount of praise. Its ability to securely store an array of items from camping chairs to sleeping bags has made it a favourite amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Despite a few hitches with unclear instructions and the absence of a locking mechanism, its potential for storage and easy handling make it an appealing purchase.

Benefits as per user experiences:

  • Significant storage potential
  • Enhanced handling ease
  • Reliable and watertight construction


The Sailnovo 430L Car Roof Bag proves to be a functional and affordable solution to storage troubles during travel. While it has its own set of imperfections such as the lack of a lock and occasional difficulty in zipping, its advantages of expansive storage, robust build, and effortless installation largely outweigh the negatives. This rooftop bag definitely warrants consideration for your next road trip.

Final verdict:

  • Cost-effective and practical storage solution
  • Complements any car with/without roof rack/rails/bars
  • Responsive customer service for any issues or queries

With the Sailnovo 430L Waterproof Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier, step into a world of spacious, secure, and stress-free travel.

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