Tents, Gazebos and Awnings

There are several reasons why you might want to use tents, gazebos and awnings for short holidays in the UK and the near Continent:

Affordability: Tents, gazebos and awnings tend to be more cost-effective than hotel accommodations, particularly for families or groups of friends travelling together.

Connection with nature: Camping allows you to be closer to nature, providing an opportunity to experience the great outdoors, breathe fresh air, and stargaze without the interference of city lights.

Flexibility: With a tent, gazebo or awning, you have the freedom to choose your own camping spot and break camp whenever you want, allowing you to explore different areas without being tied to a specific hotel.

Sense of adventure: Camping can be an adventurous experience, providing a sense of accomplishment as you set up your tent, cook outdoors, and navigate the natural environment.

Quality time with family and friends: Camping can bring people closer together as they rely on each other and share tasks, leading to stronger bonds and shared memories.

Versatility: Awnings attached to campervans or cars provide additional living space, increasing comfort and convenience for short breaks.

Keep in mind that camping requires proper planning and preparation, including checking the weather forecast and packing the right gear for your trip.

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