De-Icer Reviews

De-icer is used to melt ice and snow from the windows, locks, and other surfaces of a vehicle. It's especially useful during very cold weather, when ice and snow can build up on the vehicle - making it difficult to see out of the windscreen.

De-icer typically contains a combination of chemicals, such as propylene glycol or ethylene glycol, that can melt ice and snow quickly and effectively. It can be applied directly to the frozen surfaces of the vehicle, where it will start to melt the ice and snow. This makes it easier to remove, and it can also help to prevent further ice from forming on the surface.

Using de-icer can be a convenient and effective way to get your vehicle ready for the road during very cold weather. It can help to reduce the amount of time and effort required to clear the vehicle of ice and snow, and it can also help to prevent damage that can be caused by scraping the ice and snow with a hard object like a scraper or brush.

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