Driving in France Kits

When driving in France, you need specific equipment to comply with local laws and regulations, as well as to enhance safety and preparedness during your journey. Some essential items include:

Warning triangle: In case of a breakdown or accident, this alerts other drivers to your vehicle's presence and helps prevent further incidents.
Hi-vis vest: Wearing a high-visibility vest when outside your vehicle in an emergency (especially in low-light conditions) increases your visibility, reducing the risk of accidents.

Headlight beam converters: As vehicles in the UK have right-hand drive headlights, beam converters are required to adapt the headlights for driving on the right side of the road in France. This prevents dazzling oncoming drivers.

First aid kit: A first aid kit enables you to treat minor injuries in case of an accident or emergency.

Bulb kit: A spare bulb kit is necessary to replace any malfunctioning bulbs and ensure your vehicle's lights are functioning correctly.

GB sticker or number plate: UK-registered vehicles must display a GB sticker or a number plate with the GB identifier when driving in France.

Crit'Air sticker: Some French cities have introduced low-emission zones. Vehicles entering these zones require a Crit'Air sticker, which indicates the vehicle's emission level.

While breathalysers are no longer a legal requirement in France, carrying one is still recommended for personal safety and responsible driving.

Having the appropriate equipment not only ensures compliance with French laws but also enhances your safety and preparedness during your journey.

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