Jelly Belly Gel Can Air Freshener Review

Fragrance lasts up to 30 daysFits into in-car cup holderGel can packaging can be reused This is not a toy and is not suitable as a child's playthingAvoid direct contact with textiles & plastic parts
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What We Say

What is it?

Well, Jelly Belly simply describe as 'The fragrance of Very Cherry Jelly Belly in a can! Ideal for car, home or office.'And that pretty much sums it up! It comes in four different fragrances; Very Cherry, Lemon Drop, Tutti Fruitti and Blueberry.

The plastic can has a controllable twist top allowing you to control the strength of the fragrance. Inside the decorative can is a hard gel which is sealed by a film, this is where the lovely smell comes from. The fragrance is claimed to last up to 30 days, dependent on how you set your twist top.

These retail at around £4 and are available is supermarkets such as Asda where we picked this one up.

How we tested it?

We have tested the Very Cherry scent in a car with no other fragranced products. We followed the recommendations on the back of the packet - remove the seal and turn the top to desired setting, we had it half open.

We Liked:

  • It has a pleasant fragrance
  • We love the design, however we put ours under the passenger seat to keep it out of the way
  • The ability to control the strength with the twist top
  • It lasted a fair 20 days before we felt the fragrance became unnoticeable - about right based on the claims and the setting we had it on.

We didn't Like:

It wasn't quite as strong as we'd like, even when we turned the twist top up to full - in general you could smell it just about, but not really enough to cover up usual car smells.


It's a good air freshener, if you're out at the supermarket in the car isle, then for £4 you can pick one up for yourself to try out, it doesn't break the bank. Would I purchase it on a regular basis? I don't think so, the result we got from the California Car Scents Tins was stronger, lasted longer and you can pick them up cheaper.

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