California Car Scents Tins Review

Just open a can of California Car Scents®, pop it under the seat or in a cup holder and you’re riding with fresh air for months. Select from a variety of fragrances such as Coronado Cherry, Monterey Vanilla, Desert Jasmine or La Jolla Lemon. California Car Scents – enjoy the ride!
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What We Say

We tested the cherry fragrance of the California Scents F312 California Car Scents tins. These are a US company that have recently expanded to selling their products over here in the UK, all these products are made in the US.

It comes in a small tin, similar to a tin of tuna which has a pull ring to open it with a vented lid for scent control; there is no liquid inside but a wool kind of material that holds the scent. The tin fits nicely in cup holders but we put ours under the passenger seat out of the way, because where would we put our cups!?

The manufacturer boasts up to 60 days'worth of fragrance; however this will be based on how open you have the vents. We tested ours with the vent half open as we do with all air fresheners with the option.

To start with it's quite strong, but after a day it settles down, but it smells a bit sweeter than other cherry fragrances we have tested, however it is still pleasant.

The smell lasted around 45 days before it started to become unnoticeable however we tried putting a few drops of water on the wool inside the tin, which gave us around another 15 days'worth of fragrance again. So in total, you can get around 60 days out of these tins.

Purely down to price and longevity we would recommend this excellent air fresher, just make sure you have somewhere to put it.

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