Alpicool CF35 Fridge Freezer Review

Alpicool CF35 35L Portable Car Fridge Freezer
The Alpicool CF35 Portable Car Fridge Freezer impresses with its swift cooling, sizable capacity, and durable construction. Despite minor design flaws and customer service concerns, its performance and versatility make it a worthy investment
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The Alpicool CF35 Fridge Freezer sets a high benchmark in the arena of portable automotive refrigeration. Boasting claims of superior cooling performance, ample storage, and robust construction, it positions itself as the go-to for road trips, camping, and other outdoor ventures.

Cooling Performance & Heat Preservation

The CF35 model's impressive cooling capabilities stand out in particular. It promises to reduce the interior temperature from a moderate 25°C to a brisk 0°C in a mere 15 minutes. Users have corroborated this claim, noting the effectiveness of its rapid cooling system.

Even once disconnected from a power source, the CF35's excellent insulating materials and foaming agent ensure a steady interior chill. This quality helps in preserving the freshness of perishables for prolonged periods.

Battery Protection Mode

Another intelligent feature noted by users is the 3-Level Battery Protection Mode. The fridge automatically disconnects when the output voltage drops, ensuring that the vehicle's battery does not run out. The pre-set fridge settings also remain intact for the next use, adding a layer of convenience.

Size and Versatility

It is worth noting that the CF35 is rather large, taking up considerable room within a vehicle. However, this size is compensated by a generous storage capacity of 35 litres. The fridge provides the flexibility to utilise the space as a refrigerator or freezer, thanks to a convenient partition. This partition can also be removed to transform the appliance into a single, large freezer space.

Reliability and Noise Level

From several accounts, it seems that the Alpicool CF35 scores highly on reliability. Users report consistent performance over several months of continuous use. The noise level is also minimal, making for a quiet and unobtrusive presence in the vehicle.

Interestingly, even in extreme conditions, such as being housed in a tent in 35°C weather, the CF35 still operated seamlessly.

However, a few users reported problems with the handle which frequently detached. Potential buyers might want to keep this in mind.

Design and Usability

Overall, the CF35 is constructed well and features a low-maintenance design that is easy to clean.

Yet, it's worth mentioning a couple of design oversights. The front-positioned power input can lead to accidental unplugging when moving the fridge. Plus, the thermostat control can be unintentionally adjusted.

Despite these minor issues, the Alpicool CF35 is a commendable piece of kit. Its cooling performance, generous capacity, and robust reliability make it a worthy consideration.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid cooling and heat preservation: Ensures long-lasting freshness of food items.
  • Intelligent battery protection mode: Protects the car battery from draining.
  • Large and partitioned storage: Provides ample space and flexibility to store a variety of items.
  • Quiet and consistent performance: Offers reliability under different conditions.
  • Versatile usage: Functions as both a fridge and freezer or a large freezer.

Nonetheless, users have reported difficulty in obtaining support from Alpicool. This factor could be essential for potential buyers.

Is it recommended? Despite a few minor drawbacks, the consensus is that the Alpicool CF35 is a robust choice for mobile refrigeration needs, providing excellent value for money and reliable performance.

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