Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Review

Hot Wheels is an acid free wheel cleaner suitable for use on all wheel types, including those requiring extra special care such as chrome, unlacquered split rims, anodised and damaged wheels
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What We Say

What is it?

A non-acidic wheel cleaner that like fallout removers turns red on contact with that which it is removing. Promises to remove even the stubbornest of grime and brake dust.

How we tested it?

We purchased several bottles recently when a local supermarket were selling it at a ridiculously low price so seemed daft not to try it! We used it on very heavily soiled wheels as well as general every day soiling on various vehicles.

We Liked:

  • The colour changing formula is good for monitoring how long to allow the product to work for.
  • Very effective cleaner that removes very heavy soiling from wheels with relative ease.
  • Clingy viscosity of the liquid allows targeted application.

We didn't Like:

  • Awful trigger head! Much of the product gets wasted and you have to use so much product to cover the entire wheel.
  • Smells awful. Smells like an acidic cleaner despite not being.
  • Value is misleading. Priced low but as you have to use so much product it becomes irrelevant.


The best way to use this product is not as intended at all. We ended up diluting our product 1:1 with water and found that it was still a highly effective wheel cleaner but so much easier to use with far less waste. If you can get past the products flaws however, it is certainly a very effective wheel cleaner. We will probably have a bottle on our shelf as it's a useful product for occasional use on heavily soiled wheels and for targeted cleaning but it won't replace our daily wheel cleaners.

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