Wo-Wo Wheel Cleaner Review

Wo-Wo Wheel Cleaner. A powerful cleaner that helps break down brake dust and all over road grime.

A solvent free wheel cleaner to help with the removal of all road inflicted grime. Minimal effort with maximum effect. Suitable for all wheel finishes.

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What We Say

What is it:

A high foaming non acidic wheel cleaner from the team at WoWo as they venture into the chemical market to compliment their popular accessories range. Provided as a 500ml trigger spray bottle.

How we tested it:

We used the wheel cleaner on a variety of wheel types and levels of soiling. We both sprayed the wheel cleaner and rinsed directly off with a pressure washer and agitated the solution on wheels to observe effectiveness. We looked for the cleaning power of the product, the ease of use and the uniqueness of the product.

We Liked:

  • High foam formula is useful for agitation and gives the feeling the product is 'active'.
  • Doesn't have a harsh smell like many other wheel cleaners.
  • Strong cleaning power and does so quickly and effectively.

We Didn't Like:

  • We found that we had to use quite a lot of product to cover the wheel face effectively and as such you may find the bottle emptying rapidly.
  • Dries out very quickly and if dried on, requires a repeat application for removal.


Probably the most pleasant to use wheel cleaner on the market, in the sense that it has no real distinct smell of any kind during use meaning it doesn't choke you or sting your eyes and hands, a problem present with even non acidic wheel cleaners. The wheel cleaner from WoWo will certainly appeal to many. Its high foam yet very spray able formula will see it find favour among many, though we do recommend agitating, both to help it not dry out too quickly and to enhance its cleaning power. Other products on the market are certainly more economical in their use and arguably easier to use but this will sell well.

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