Wo-wo Microfibre Towel Review

Enhance the application and removal of detailing products like polishes, waxes and sealants. Using micofibre helps to reduce surface friction which in turn prevents paint marring and the appearance of swirl marks. For best results use after using a Wo-Wo Twin Layer Drying Towel.
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What We Say

What is it:

Wowo have recently revitalised and built upon their already popular microfiber towels, increasing the gsm and improving upon the towels further. Ideal for removal of sealants, glazes, waxes and polishes. Paintwork safe, soft edged towels which remove swirl mark risk.

How we tested it:

The Wowo team kindly hooked us up with two of their towels to put through their paces. We did this by testing the towels on a range of vehicles carrying various protection such as ceramic coatings and waxes where we used the towels to apply quick detailer sprays. Following this we also tested the towels in the removal of ceramic and wax themselves. We looked for the quality of the towel in terms of effective removal, safety on paintwork and range of uses.

We liked:

  • Towels have a high quality feel to them and also look high quality in their design and style.
  • Remove products effectively from paintwork including those which are notoriously more viscous to remove such as ceramic coatings and some polishes.
  • Safe on sensitive paintwork finishes due to their high GSM and soft make up.
  • Good value purchased as a set from Wowo.

We didn't like:

  • Wowo label on the towels feels a little rough, we would either cut off or avoid using that part of the towel.
  • Be nice to get greater quantityalternative quantities to sets of 3 to order.


A lot of people tend to think that you always have to go for ultra fluffy, silly level of plush towels for paintwork. While they have their place certainly, a short pile towel that retains a high gsm and high level of paint safety should be in everyones8 detailing arsenal. Removal of certain products is simply only effective with short pile towels. The Wowo towels are certainly staking their claim here for that spot. Very effective at product removal and high quality in feel, you get the immediate impression the towels will last a long time. Factor in good value for money for a set of 3 towels and a couple of sets should be on your shopping list for the wide range of uses you will find for them. We just advise you remove the labels!

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