Witter ZX202 Bolt-on Towball Mounted 2 Bike Carrier Review

Witter ZX202 Bolt-on Towball Mounted 2 Bike Carrier
The Witter ZX202 Bolt-On Towball Mounted 2 Bike Carrier offers universal compatibility, easy loading, secure transportation, and robust build quality, despite challenging assembly and possible lack of an electrics adapter.
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One of the most rewarding ways to experience the great outdoors is cycling. However, transporting your bike safely and easily can be a daunting task, especially for trips that take you far from home. The Witter ZX202 Bolt-On Towball Mounted 2 Bike Carrier is a game changer. This product is designed to ensure the safety of your bicycles while providing a comfortable and efficient transportation experience.

Ease of Use

The Witter ZX202 is lauded for its universal compatibility, thanks to its adjustable wheel holders. This allows even a child's bike to fit securely on the carrier. The bike carrier series employs a clamp design that directly attaches to the towball using an adjuster screw. This compatibility extends to both swan neck and flange, detachable and fixed types of towbars.

The carrier's unique low platform enables effortless loading and unloading of your bikes, removing any potential stress or strain. Furthermore, the carrier's tilting capability, even when loaded, ensures unhindered access to your car's boot.

The device comes with a lightboard connection that fits 13-pin sockets. However, some customers have found that the advertised 7 to 13 pin electrics adapter wasn't included, which can be an inconvenience.


Assembly of the product has been reported to be a bit complicated and time-consuming, with some customers spending more than 2 hours to complete the process. Users have pointed out that the assembly instructions could use some improvement, as they seem to be less than clear and may even lead to confusion.

Despite this, once assembled, customers have found the carrier easy to fit onto the vehicle, with one user even noting that it took just 5 minutes after the first installation.

Performance and Reliability

This bike carrier provides great functionality and performance, allowing you to transport your bikes safely and securely. Even at motorway speeds, users have reported no bounce, no movement and no wind noise. Furthermore, the carrier can handle a maximum load of 34 kg, providing adequate capacity for two bikes.

One user has confirmed that his e-bike, which weighs less than the carrier's maximum weight, fits perfectly on the rack, despite the product description indicating that it may not be suitable for e-bikes. This suggests that weight, rather than bike type, is the key factor when considering compatibility.


The Witter ZX202 bike carrier is a sound investment for those who require a reliable and robust transport solution for their bikes. Despite the initial assembly challenges and possible confusion about the electric plug adapter, its performance, functionality, and durability outweigh the negatives.

Product Benefits:

  • Universally compatible with various bike sizes, including children's bikes.
  • Low platform for easy loading and unloading.
  • Tiltable even when loaded, allowing easy access to car boot.
  • Comes with lightboard that accommodates 13-pin sockets.
  • Stable and secure, with no movement or bounce even at motorway speeds.
  • Suitable for all types of towbars - flange or swan neck, fixed or detachable.
  • Robust build quality, providing value for the price.

However, potential users may need to account for the time-consuming assembly and possible lack of the 7 to 13 pin electrics adapter. Overall, the Witter ZX202 Bolt-On Towball Mounted 2 Bike Carrier remains a reliable choice for hassle-free bike transportation.

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