Unilite PS-IL10R USB Inspection Light Review

The PS-IL10R is a super bright, 1000 Lumen USB rechargeable inspection light. This builds upon the heritage of the previous PS-IL1 and PS-IL6R, to create the next generation of Inspection light. The power of the light comes from its Samsung 1000 Lumen white SMD LED’s, providing a great spread of light for close point inspection. This is helped with improved wider reflector that houses the LED’s. This enables the light to cover that extra surface area that other inspection lights fail to hit.
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What We Say

What is it?

Unilite have a great reputation for their lights and just by looking over social media we can see they have many people praising their products. The Unilite PS-IL10R Inspection Light is an upgraded version of their bestselling PS-IL6R inspection light with the upgrade seeing it going from 600 Lumens up to a great 1000 Lumens using Samsung LEDs. If you ever feel the 1000 Lumens is too bright in a situation it has 3 dimmer settings but pressing the power button to rotate through them.

The inspection light has both the main light on the front but also a 250 Lumen torch on the top to focus in on tighter areas.

The light is built from aircraft grade aluminium and a strong co-polymer blend meaning it should be able to withstand most situations you put it in. It also features a magnetic hook allowing it to cling onto any surface meaning you can keep your hands free.

The Unlite PS-IL10R retails for around £60 and will be available from a number of different retailers shortly.

How we tested it?

As with all inspection lights we test it in a dark unit in an engine bay to test its brightness, ability to get into different areas and ability to use handsfree. All inspection lights are fully charged prior to testing.

We Liked:

  • It certainly feels like a quality inspection light and has some real weight behind it
  • At 1000 lumens it's the brightest we have had on test and you can certainly tell the difference
  • You can use the top light and the main light both independently and together.
  • It has an IP54 rating keeping water and dust out

We didn't like:

  • It's a bit on the bulky side for getting into small areas but generally the brightness makes up for that


Overall an excellent inspection light, it really does feel like a quality product and with it being shock resistant (albeit to 1m) but also water and dust resistant you feel like you can't go far wrong. It's one of the brightest inspection lights we've had on test at time of writing and it certainly is impressive with lighting up an area. This is one of our favorite inspection lights so we certainly recommend it.


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