Unilite IL-275R Inspection Light Review

The IL-275R is a slim and compact pocket inspection light with a 275 lumen output from its main flood COB LED. An additional 150 lumen top torch gives a more direct beam when required. It is super robust with a IK07 rating meaning it can stand up to those tough jobs. It has a 360° magnetic ball joint on the base so is extremely useful for hands-free use and angling the light where its required.
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What We Say

What is it:

The Unilite IL-275R is a slim and compact pocket inspection light weighing just 76g with a 275 lumen output from its main slimline COB LED, which has a runtime of around 1.5 hours at full strength. It also has an additional 150 lumen light on the top providing a more directional beam of light.

It has an IP20/IK07 shock resistant rating which means it will cope with a 2 joule impact (the equivalent to the impact of a 0.5kg mass dropped from 400mm above the impacted surface) however this indicates it's not waterproof unlike my personal favourite, the larger PS-IL10R.

The bottom of the inspection light has a strong magnet which is on a 360 ball joint making it easy to attach to a metal surface and position the light as you need.

The power button is rubberised and located on the back on the torch. One click for the top light two clicks for main light on a low setting, three clicks for the main light on the highest setting and a fourth click to turn the light off.

It comes with a Micro USB charging cable in the well packaged box to charge the 3.7v 700mAh Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery built into the torch.

You can pick up the Unilite IL-275R for just over £30, at the time of writing.

How we tested it:

We tested this inspection light out over a number of weeks using it in various real life situations from car repairs to DIY.

We Liked:

  • Despite it's small size this Unilite product feels like real quality that will last, backed up by it's IK07 impact rating.
  • The magnetic ball joint on the bottom is ideal for hands free use, assuming you can find something metal to attach it to.
  • It's thin LED top can get into the smallest of gaps to get light wherever you need it.
  • It uses a Micro USB charging cable which given how common they are you can always find one compared to a dedicated charging cable.
  • Despite only having a 275 lumen main light it is bright for its size.

We Didn't Like:

  • As mentioned, it isn't waterproof just shockproof - we're unsure if this would have been possible to get this to be waterproof with it being a small light, but it would have been a great feature.


Overall, it's another great light from the Unilite team and we're struggling to pick out many flaws. Despite it's small size we felt that the 275 lumen brightness was sufficient for situations where you would be using a slimline inspection light. The top light was useful when we needed a direct beam of light in a small space.

It's priced around the right mark, slightly more expensive than competitors'comparable products but we feel this is reflected in build quality.

Would we recommend this light? If you're in the market for a slimline light then yes.

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