TomTom Start 52 Review

TomTom Start 52 Lite
The TomTom Start 52 Lite is a straightforward, user-friendly satnav offering precise navigation, enhanced lane guidance, and regular updates. Despite some user-reported issues, its reliability makes it a valuable tool for drivers.
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Enter the TomTom Start 52, a navigation device that merges simplicity with functionality to deliver a flawless journey experience. This system is designed to take the stress out of your travel, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead with confidence.

The Start 52 Lite is like having a trusted co-pilot by your side. Entering your destination is uncomplicated, either via the search menu or by simply tapping a location on the 5-inch touchscreen display. With the unrivalled precision of TomTom's mapping, it creates the optimal route to your chosen endpoint.

Regular map updates are available to keep your device current, albeit at an additional cost. However, these updates ensure your device is always up-to-date, providing accuracy and peace of mind on all your journeys.

The Start 52 also comes with an enhanced lane guidance feature, which significantly assists in preparing for exits and turnings by clearly indicating the correct driving lane for your planned route.

One of the standout features of this product is the integrated reversible mount. This secure fixture allows the sat nav to be placed within easy reach, enhancing safety and convenience while you navigate your journey.

As we become more environmentally conscious, TomTom takes a bold step forward with sustainable packaging. The Start 52 Lite comes packaged in a minimalistic, eco-friendly box, devoid of plastic wrap or packaging. This is a small but significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint.

To ensure your device remains in peak condition, TomTom offers software updates. These updates introduce new navigation features, improved performance, and extra customisation options, keeping your device fresh and efficient.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use, with an intuitive interface
  • Precise navigation with TomTom's accurate mapping
  • Enhanced lane guidance for hassle-free driving
  • Secure and convenient integrated reversible mount
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Software updates for continuous improvements

User Experiences

The Tom Tom Start 52 has attracted a mixed bag of reviews from users. Some appreciate its straightforward, no-frills approach, making it a fitting choice for new drivers or those returning to the UK after a lengthy absence.

Users have highlighted the device's reliability compared to mobile-based navigation apps that are prone to losing internet connection. The Start 52 Lite is commended for its dependability, providing consistent guidance throughout the journey.

Driving instructors have also been drawn to this model due to its use in UK driving tests. Despite being slower to programme and not offering lane advice, it’s considered an adequate tool for teaching learner drivers.

However, some users have reported issues with the interface's speed and occasional voice stutter. The lack of lane guidance has also been a source of frustration for some users.


The TomTom Start 52 is a robust and straightforward satnav that delivers on its promise of providing essential navigation. While it may lack some of the more sophisticated features of higher-end models, it is a reliable, no-nonsense tool that gets the job done, making it a valuable companion for any journey. However, prospective buyers should be prepared for the additional cost of map updates, which is vital to maintaining the device's efficiency.

Ultimately, the TomTom Start 52 offers a solid blend of functionality and simplicity, making it a worthy consideration for anyone seeking a reliable, user-friendly navigation device.

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