TomTom GO 620 Review

The TomTom Car Satnav GO 620 offers intuitive navigation with worldwide maps, real-time traffic updates, and seamless smartphone integration. It prioritises safety, user experience, and promises enhanced longevity over its predecessors. Highly recommended for all travellers
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TomTom Car Satnav GO 620 Review

In the dynamic world of satellite navigation, the TomTom GO 620 confidently enters the stage, promising a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology with the simplicity every motorist yearns for. Here’s a detailed examination of this technological marvel from TomTom.

Features Galore

  • Global Exploration Made Simple: Equipped with worldwide maps, the GO 620 provides an avenue to traverse unfamiliar roads with the certainty of a local.
  • Real-time Traffic Updates: The TomTom Traffic ensures routes are optimally planned to circumvent any traffic bottlenecks.
  • Hassle-free Updates: Its built-in Wi-Fi capability eradicates the need for a computer connection. Your device remains up-to-date, effortlessly.
  • Voice Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with Siri and Google Now, ensuring your virtual assistant remains at your beck and call whilst your phone remains safely tucked away.
  • Safety First: Hands-free calling and messaging is a standout feature, epitomising TomTom's commitment to ensuring safety without compromising on functionality.

User Experience

The 6-inch screen is undoubtedly apt for vehicular usage. The visual display is crisp, and the camera proves to be of the ideal size for car journeys. For users familiar with older versions, such as the GO 6000, the transition to the GO 620 is seamless. The capability to update maps via Wi-Fi is a significant enhancement, eliminating the rigmarole associated with USB updates.

Navigating the device is intuitive. Whether it’s the simple address entry mode, reminiscent of older models, or the advanced option, destinations are located with minimal fuss. A praiseworthy feature is the MyDrive app. Saving favourite locations and syncing them with the SatNav or curating specific routes for those special road trips transforms journey planning into a delightful activity.

An exciting addition is the Points of Interest (POIs) feature. Importing specific interests, like the National Trust properties, embellishes the map, adding a personalised touch. Such unique tweaks, from displaying motorway service stations to recommended pubs, augments the user experience.

Connectivity & Interaction

The Bluetooth pairing feature flawlessly connects smartphones, empowering users to manage calls without any distractions. Voice control, though in its nascent stage, holds potential. The touch screen responsiveness is worth mentioning, with traffic updates playing a pivotal role in dynamic route planning.

Durability Concerns?

Some users have voiced concerns regarding longevity, drawing parallels with older models. However, as technology evolves, it is only natural to expect that the GO 620’s lifespan and functionality would surpass its predecessors.

Final Thoughts

For the map purists contemplating a foray into the world of satellite navigation, the GO 620 offers a gentle introduction. Its intuitive design and functionality are endearing to both tech aficionados and novices. Comparisons with competitors, like Garmin, places the TomTom GO 620 in a favourable light, championing user-friendliness.

For those in search of a satnav that amalgamates technology, convenience, and safety, the TomTom Car Satnav GO 620 is a compelling proposition. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or someone looking to embark on road adventures around the UK, this device is a worthy companion.

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