Tesco Car Shampoo Melon And Cucumber Review

Wash and wax.
Tesco Wash and wax is a quality shampoo designed to deep cleanse vehicle
paintwork and leave a brillant shine.
- Superior cleaning properties.
- Easy-to-use concentrated formula.
- Added wax for extra protection.
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What We Say

What is it?

Tesco's own car shampoo. A bargain price of £1.50 for a litre seemed too good to resist from a testing point of view. Advertised as Melon and Cucumber scented it also intrigued us for this reason alone!

How we Tested it?

We purchased a litre to trial knowing that if it was as low quality as we anticipated, it would hopefully still be usable as clay lubricant. Used as part of the two bucket method on a several vehicles in the same way as all our shampoos are tested.

We Liked:

  • The smell is a strange one but we think we like it! It grows on you.
  • Cleans reasonably well particularly considering the low price.
  • Suds up quite well but not a thick foam, more surface froth.

We Didn't like:

  • Packaged to look stylish but the cheapness of the packaging comes across once you start using it.
  • Poor dilution rates mean you have to use a lot of product and even then we didn't feel we were getting the lubricity so added more.
  • Whilst it cleaned ok, the lubricity was poor and you always felt that wash marring was a real possibility.


This product was better than we expected but in the same breath we wouldn't recommend it. For not much more money you can get detailing quality shampoos that due to their economy dilution wise don't actually work out much more expensive, if at all. You get what you pay for. We won't be purchasing this product again.

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