Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock Review

Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock
The Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock offers robust security, easy installation, and a highly visible deterrent, making it an excellent investment for vehicle protection.
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The increasing number of car thefts in recent years has left many drivers seeking effective solutions to keep their vehicles secure. One such product that has gained popularity is the Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock. This top-of-the-range steering wheel lock is designed to deter would-be thieves by making it nearly impossible to steer the car when the device is in place. In this review, we will delve into the features and benefits of the Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock, as well as share some real-life user experiences.

List of benefits:

  • Top-of-the-range model with 10-year guarantee
  • Fits most vehicles in a matter of seconds
  • Fully attack-tested and power tool resistant
  • Made from hardened metal components for added strength
  • Deep bend in the bar to accommodate larger airbags
  • Ideal for BMW 'M' steering wheels
  • Comes with 2 keys and boasts 10,000 key combinations
  • Received the Sold Secure Automotive Gold award in 2018
  • Offers a highly visible deterrent for opportunistic thieves

The Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock is a high-quality product that comes with an impressive 10-year guarantee, offering users confidence in its durability and reliability. With 10,000 key combinations available and two keys supplied, the lock is highly secure, and additional keys can be purchased if necessary.

This steering wheel lock is fully attack-tested, featuring an anti-drill lock and components made from hardened materials. These features ensure that the lock can withstand attempts to break it and protect your car from theft.

Ease of Use

One of the most appealing aspects of the Stoplock Pro Elite is its ease of use. With a simple fitting process that takes mere seconds, users can quickly secure their vehicles with minimal hassle. The deep bend in the bar allows it to fit larger airbags, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including those with BMW 'M' steering wheels.

User Feedback

User experiences with the Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock have been largely positive. Many users have found the lock to be a robust and effective deterrent against vehicle theft, with its heavy-duty construction and highly visible design.

Some users have noted that the lock may sometimes rest against the indicator if the steering wheel is not perfectly straight, but most have found easy workarounds, such as turning the steering wheel slightly or using a rolled-up cloth to raise the lock's position.

Although the lock is somewhat heavy, users appreciate its strength and durability. The majority of users find the device easy and quick to put on and take off, especially when not sitting in the driver's seat.

The visual deterrent offered by the bright yellow bar is a significant advantage of the Stoplock Pro Elite. By displaying the lock prominently, opportunistic thieves are more likely to be deterred from attempting to steal the vehicle.

What We Think

In conclusion, the Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock is an excellent investment for those seeking a reliable and robust solution to protect their vehicles from theft. With its top-of-the-range features, ease of use, and wide compatibility with various vehicles, it offers peace of mind and security for drivers. While it may have a few minor inconveniences, the overall performance and functionality of the Stoplock Pro Elite make it a highly recommended product for anyone concerned about vehicle safety.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Stoplock Pro Elite Car Steering Wheel Lock HG 150-00 - Safe Secure Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bar - Universal Fit - Includes 2 Keys and Carry Bag, Black/Yellow, 1 Unit
  • STOP CAR THIEVES by using a Stoplock steering wheel lock; this popular power tool resistant anti-theft device prevent criminals from steering and therefore stealing your car.Control method : ‎Touch
  • TOP OF THE RANGE MODEL with a 10 year guarantee - 10, 000 key combinations - two keys supplied - additional keys may be purchased
  • FULLY ATTACK TESTED - has an anti-drill lock - made from hardened components
SaleBestseller No. 2
ZEKER Car Steering Lock Universal Fit Maximum Security Steering Wheel Lock for Cars and Vans, Anti-Theft T-Bar Immobiliser to Deter Thieves and Secure Your Vehicle
  • EASY FITTING : This wheel lock fits most steering wheels, even steering wheels with air bags.
  • HEAVY DUTY : Heavy duty locking device mechanism with unique cross-key design
  • ANTI-THEFT : This wheel lock is specifically designed for high security, and the lock tumbler are virtually pickproof. This car lock anti-theft device is highly visible and can instantly deter thieves and improve your car security.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Stoplock 'Pro' Car Steering Wheel Lock W/Keys HG 149-00 - Anti-Theft Security Device - Vehicle Crime Prevention, Black and Yellow (Pack of 1)
  • A steering wheel lock that helps to prevent your car from being stolen
  • Fully attack tested, hardened metal parts, physical and visual deterrent
  • 10 years guarantee, 10,000 key combinations, 2 keys
Bestseller No. 4
Disklok Car Steering Wheel Full Cover Security Anti-Theft Lock Police Approved (Large 41.5cm - 44cm, Yellow)
  • WORLD’S MOST STRONGEST & EFFECTIVE STEERING WHEEL LOCK – The unique design of the Disklok has a long and proven history of outstanding performance when it comes to car security. Unlike conventional steering wheel locks, the Disklok has the ability to spin on the wheel when attacked. The whole lock spins on attack, preventing the steering wheel from being turned with the lock still in place and also helping to stop the car’s built-in steering wheel lock from being broken.
  • REINFORCED STEEL CONSTRUCTION GUARDS AGAINST THEFT TECHNIQUES – Built using a mixture of hardened materials, this lock is incredibly difficult to remove, even with the help of power tools and industrial cutting equipment! The locking barrel itself has been built to be anti-drill and anti pick lock proof too. Further advantages of the Disklok are the prevention of airbag theft and electronic theft such as keyless entry or car key cloning.
  • AWARD WINNING DESIGN RECOMMENDED BY THE POLICE – By consistently being the best on the market, Disklok has been awarded with the ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation by the official UK police initiative and the ‘Sold Secure’ Automotive Gold Rating certification. In order to achieve the seal of approval, the Disklok has had to undergo rigorous testing to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Disklok in preventing or reducing crime.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock For Cars,Car Steering Wheel Lock,Vehicle Anti-Theft Lock,Adjustable Double Hook Universal Fit Emergency Hammer Window Breaker Self Defense Heavy Duty Secure (Black)
  • 🔐Convenient Use & Humanized Design -- Tevlaphee’s patented self-locking feature locks with one pull. Easy to handle, install and remove. Simple to lock and unlock with keys in seconds. It can be installed to the back of the steering wheel so it's not resting on top of the air bag. In order to facilitate the use of stretching, there is no need to use the key, and when the lock is idle, due to shaking will bring their own stretch, so we specially equipped with a Blue Magic Velcro fixed.
  • 🔐Protect You and Your Vehicle all the time! -- Package With a Cap to avoid accidental damage to glass. A metal car safety escape tool to help prevent automotive entrapment and smash the window for safety escape. Your Life May Depend On This Car Hammer!
  • 🔐A+ Grade Anti-Theft Lock -- Made of high quality round steel and premium aluminum/alloy to Resists Prying, Sawing, Hammering. The Precise Double Spring Crescent Lock Sub-Type Encoding Key is specially designed to prevent professional thieves and mutual open rate! Our Lock will protect your vehicle with this robust physical and highly visual deterrent to car thieves and recommended by Policemen and Car Experts!
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