SPTA Polisher Review

SPTA Dual Action Polisher
The SPTA Dual Action Polisher is a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly tool offering remarkable performance, speed adjustability, and an array of useful accessories. Ideal for automotive detailing and general polishing tasks
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Product Performance

Our SPTA Polisher review was an enlightening experience, for this unassuming tool carries an impressive set of capabilities under its bonnet. The device operates on a robust 220V, 6.5A dual-action system, perfect for addressing an array of surface imperfections, from scratches and swirls to more pronounced paint defects. It's an admirable workhorse that excels not only in automotive detailing but also in the polishing of other surfaces like metal and wood.

Superior Power & Design

Fuelled by a potent 750W engine, the SPTA Polisher marries power with dexterity. Its lightweight construction and ease of carbon brush replacement present a testament to the thoughtful engineering behind it. Enhanced by constant power and speed functionality, the machine provides an unwavering performance that translates to stability and operational ease for the user.

Customised Operation

A key attribute of the SPTA Polisher is its 6-speed control dial, adeptly meeting different polishing needs. Ranging from 2,000-5,200/MIN, the speed flexibility suits various applications. The lower speed is excellent for buffing and waxing, medium speed suffices for general polishing and cleaning, while the higher end facilitates defect removal and oxidation treatment.

Comfort & Durability

User comfort is integral to the SPTA Polisher's design. The detachable handle—available in side-handle and D-handle formats—offers a tailored grip for users. Its ergonomic structure coupled with high-grade electronics maintaining constant speed make for a comfortable, fatigue-free polishing session, even over extended periods.


With six adjustable speeds and a handy selection of practical accessories, including compound mixtures, brushes, and sanding discs, the SPTA Polisher is a versatile tool. It caters to a variety of surfaces beyond vehicles, such as furniture and flooring, underscoring its multipurpose utility.


  • Robust dual-action 750W engine delivering constant power and speed
  • 6-speed control for customised applications
  • Comfort-centric, ergonomic design with a detachable handle for easy handling
  • Wide array of useful accessories enhancing its multi-functional utility
  • Remarkable versatility—useful for polishing cars, motorcycles, furniture, floors, and more

In Practice

The SPTA Polisher showed its worth during a detailing task on a car spoiler, performing brilliantly despite the product's unexpected heft. The included accessories were deemed adequate, although the bundled compound wasn't utilised in favour of known brands.

Quiet operation is another winning trait of the SPTA Polisher, rivalling higher-end brands. A minor niggle was found in a couple of stained pads, but this was inconsequential to the overall outstanding value for money offered by this kit.

As a tool for car detailing, it shines. The combination of power, precision, and convenience was appreciated by users who regretted not investing in it sooner. Its impressive results had some users eagerly planning to do a full car polish, a testament to the high-quality finish achieved.

A noteworthy anecdote includes a successful repair of rust damage on a car's rear wheel arch, demonstrating the polisher's excellent functionality. With light pressure, a steady hand, and moderate speed, the polished area stood out in stark contrast to the rest of the vehicle, showcasing the difference the SPTA Polisher can make.

Concluding Thoughts

The SPTA Dual Action Polisher is a masterclass in blending power, precision, and ease of use. It surpasses expectations, delivering a value-for-money experience that makes it an indispensable tool for car enthusiasts and professionals. Be it restoration, detailing, or simple maintenance tasks, this polisher elevates the quality of results, ensuring your vehicle always looks its best. Just remember, a gentle touch and a steady hand go a long way in achieving an immaculate finish.

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