Spedal NaviCam CL797 Review

Spedal NaviCam CL797 7-inch Portable Car Stereo with CarPlay, Android Auto & Dashcam
The Spedal NaviCam CL797 offers a simple, affordable upgrade for older vehicles, boasting seamless smartphone integration, diverse audio output modes, a multi-functional 2K camera, and prompt customer support, truly elevating your driving experience.
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As an expert in the automotive product sector, I get to sample a plethora of gadgets aimed at improving your driving experience. Today, I want to share my thoughts on the Spedal NaviCam CL797, a versatile 7-inch portable car stereo featuring CarPlay, Android Auto and a dashcam.

Product Overview

The Spedal NaviCam CL797 can be likened to a breath of fresh air for your older vehicle. The compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, not to mention its ability to connect wirelessly, is a testament to its technological prowess. It effectively brings your car's entertainment system up to 21st-century standards without the need for costly installations or cable trails marring your vehicle's interiors.

Design and Installation

The unit’s design is both compact and minimalistic, allowing it to subtly blend into your car's existing layout. The convenience of its design extends to the ease of installation as well. The device can be affixed to the dashboard or windshield effortlessly with the help of a suction bracket and dashboard pad mounting disk. This eliminates the need for professional help and additional installation costs.

Exceptional Functionality

The NaviCam CL797 doesn’t just stop at providing wireless connectivity with your smartphone. You'll also appreciate the 2K recording camera, which can serve multiple functions, from a dashcam to a baby monitor. However, it is worth noting that a separate memory card is necessary for this feature.

The audio output offers four distinct modes, including Bluetooth, AUX, FM transmitter, and built-in speakers. This level of flexibility allows for personalisation based on your preferences and your vehicle's capabilities.

This device also enables you to use familiar map applications such as Google and Waze, bridging the gap between your mobile phone and your car's navigation system. The real-time updates provide an advantage over traditional navigators, eliminating the need for frequent map updates and their associated costs.

Performance Evaluation

My evaluation of the NaviCam CL797 has been nothing short of positive. The display is bright, clear, and responsive, making navigation a breeze even under various lighting conditions. The Bluetooth connection with my phone was seamless, allowing me to stream music and receive turn-by-turn instructions from the map applications without any glitches.

What impresses me most about the NaviCam CL797 is the swift start-up time. The device is quick to detect the phone and initiate the wireless CarPlay feed without any manual input, all in under 10 seconds.

Moreover, this device can play music and handle phone calls through your vehicle's speakers, truly enhancing your driving experience.

Key Benefits

  • Provides an effortless upgrade to an older car’s entertainment system.
  • Compact and understated design that blends seamlessly with the vehicle's interior.
  • Easy installation with no additional costs.
  • Multifunctional 2K recording camera.
  • Multiple audio output options for enhanced flexibility.
  • Real-time navigation with Google Maps and Waze.
  • Quick startup time with seamless connection to your phone.
  • Enhances the driving experience by integrating phone calls and music through the vehicle's speakers.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Spedal NaviCam CL797 has exceeded my expectations. This device truly is an impressive and relatively affordable way to introduce CarPlay into an older vehicle. I wholeheartedly recommend this product for those seeking to bring their car’s entertainment system into the modern era without breaking the bank.

For any further queries or issues with the device, rest assured, that the Spedal team is quick to respond and ready to assist within a 24-hour window.

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