Sonax Perfect Finish Review

Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish is a product that does exactly what the name says! It leaves a high-gloss, swirl-free, perfect finish on even the softest paint systems! This is a finishing polish designed to permanently remove light marks and swirls from your paint while creating a mirror-like shine. Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish was designed for quick, flawless results when used on a rotary polisher, yet excels on all machine types including dual action orbital polishers.
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What We Say

What is it?

Taken from the Sonax official website: Specially developed for the one step polishing of localised sanded paintwork defects such as dust inclusions or paint runs. Special nano abrasives enable effective scratch removal with optimum shine and without inducing holograms or buffing marks on the paintwork. Removes sanding marks up to grit size P2000.

How we Tested it?

As a professional car detailing service, the need for one step polishing is great. Certain vehicles arrive with moderate defects and do not require heavy cut while others may be on a short time scale, needing to turn the vehicle around in a day or little more. We were very intrigued therefore by Sonax's claims of a 4/6 for cut and a 6/6 for gloss finish. We have tested Sonax Perfect Finish on a range of paint hardness from ultra-soft Japanese paint to notoriously hard darker German paints. The product has also been tested on pads from heavy cut through to finishing pads on Dual Action and Large Throw random orbital machines.

We Liked:

  • Stunning depth to the paint on completion. A real "wet look" deep gloss finish.
  • Very easy product to use, it can be worked over large areas quickly and safely with the initial 10 seconds doing most of the cutting and then working to a finish.
  • Really surprising levels of cut for a one stage product that refines so well. Used on a Green Hex Logic pad we saw fantastic gains.
  • Loves hard paint. German paint is notorious for being hard to correct. Sonax PF on a Green Hex Logic transformed an Audi TT we trailed it upon.

We Didn't like:

  • Make sure you have a pad brush on hand and multiple pads. This clogs and glues up your pad face extremely quickly.
  • The lid has snapped off every bottle we have purchased!
  • Not cheap but you are paying for quality.


Once you learn that you need multiple pads of each type and to regularly clean the pad surface, you are left with a product that really is faultless. The product goes above and beyond that which is expected in terms of cut for a one step product and genuinely astounded us. As a one-step product and an ideal product to prepare new vehicles for a ceramic coating or similar, we are yet to find better. An essential product for any professional detailer.

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