Silent Witness SW006 Dashcam Review

Silent Witness SW006 uses a high end 1920x1080p video processor and very high quality sensor not found in other leading brands of forward facing cameras.
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What We Say

What is it?

The Silent Witness SW006 can record up to 1080p full high definition giving you crystal clear footage. It boasts a 170 degree viewing angle to capture a lot of the road.

The built-in G-sensor will allow the Dashcam to record any impacts or sudden course changes and the footage is automatically protected on the memory card. The built-in GPS allows for the vehicle's exact position and route to be recorded and a date and time stamp is also included in the recording to prevent any potential dispute in the event of an incident. However, you don't just have to rely on the G-sensor, you can also press a button on the Dashcam to manually create a permanently saved event in a situation where something has happened in front of you.

It is very simple to get going, you attach the mount (with integrated GPS) to the windscreen and the Dash Cam just clips on, this means it is also easy to remove from the windscreen and take away from the car. The Dashcam records directly onto a class 10 microSD card (up to 64GB), they give you an 16GB in the box. When the memory card becomes full, an auto loop function will kick in overwriting the oldest, not protected, recordings.

Silent Witness does provide software which will appear on the memory card when you plug it into a computer, however we found the software to be quite buggy so we found it much easier to just view the recordings directly from the folder as information such as GPS Position, Speed and Date/Time as stamped onto the video itself anyway.

This was one of the mid-range dashcams we tested that has a RRP of £149.99.

How we tested it?

We tested the dashcam individually over a period of time and as part of a group test so we really put it through its paces. We followed the manufacturer's recommendations when setting up the dashcam. We tested it in both daytime and nighttime.

We Liked:

  • It has simple setup, you can just plug and play
  • It has an LCD screen allowing you to preview clips on the Dashcam.
  • This was one of the better performing cameras in low light (See video)

We didn't like:

  • We found menu system was a little more 'clunky'than others, but it's perfectly usable.
  • Software could do with updating and some performance improvements, but again it serves the purpose

Video Example


You can usually pick these up for around £100, so on a par with the Nextbase 312GW and to be honest there isn't much between them; the Nextbase arguably has a slightly more realistic daytime video, whereas the Silent Witness is better in low light. The Silent Witness does lack the Wifi/App functionality but this isn't a big thing for many people. Would I purchase it over the Nextbase? If you weren't bothered about the Wifi connectivity, then go for it, you wouldn't regret it.


HD recording

Constant recording; records the whole journey

G-sensor crash file; storing a small file that records to a separate file.

Video footage provides date and time stamp.

16GB Micro SD Card (will take up to 64GB)

Compatible with both 12v & 24v vehicles.

170 degree viewing angle

Auto loop

1920 x 1080p

Motion Detection

3 inch screen


Date and time


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