Signature Group Satin Trim Dressing Review

Signature Satin Dressing is a versatile, easy to use dressing which can be used on all exterior and interior plastics, vinyl and rubber. Specifically designed to rejuvenate trim to restore a factory finish with a satin finish. Additional coats can be added to achieve more sheen.

  • A Rich Pleasant fragrance
  • Spray & Buff to reveal a restored finish to all plastic, vinyl and rubber
  • Suitable for all exterior and interior surfaces
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What We Say

What is it?

A natural look interior dressing that can be applied in additional layers to increase the depth of shine to the finish.

How we tested it?

As a trader we were sent a multitude of samples by Signature Group some time ago prior to Trusted Car Products operating and have since decided to pursue some of these further for review purposes. Satin Trim Dressing was one of these and we recently purchased a 5L container to put through its paces. We looked for ease of application, appearance, feel of coating once applied as well as value and smell.

We Liked:

  • Takes to interior surfaces wonderfully. Leaves a lovely restorative yet original finish to plastic surfaces.
  • Extremely economical, pop it in a trigger bottle and literally a couple of mists will cover very large areas at a time.
  • Smells fantastic and leaves a lovely subtle but not overpowering clean scent to the vehicle interior.
  • Whilst cost wise it isn't one of the cheaper dressings, due to the excellent economy it works out great value.

We didn't Like:

  • Avoid on gloss surfaces such as those around instrument panels or wooden door inserts as can be smeary though easy enough to remove.
  • Makes some surfaces noticeably more glossy than others from time to time.


We always dread using interior dressings because it is one area where we are hard to please. All too often they are too glossy, smell sickly and are messy and uneven to apply. In short we were blown away by Satin Trim dressing. Apply and take a step back and admire your new car interior, it's that good. It doesn't look artificial and really does make it look like a new vehicle, transforming the appearance of tired trim. The smell is a pleasure to climb inside to and you barely use any per vehicle. What is not to love?

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