SIA Black Built In Double Electric Oven Review

The SIA Black Built-In Double Electric Oven combines modern design with multifunctional features, offering effortless installation, even cooking, and a sleek appearance that enhances any contemporary kitchen. Highly recommended for modern homes.
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The world of built-in ovens can sometimes be a maze of sameness. However, every now and then, a product comes along that truly stands out from the crowd. The SIA Black Built-In Double Electric Oven is one such marvel.

Design and Aesthetics

The first impression it leaves on an onlooker is that of sophisticated charm. It's not just an appliance; it's a statement. The glossy black glass front, complemented by stainless steel accessories, brings both elegance and modernity into the heart of your kitchen. For homeowners striving for that sleek, contemporary aesthetic, this oven might just be the pièce de résistance you've been searching for.

Features Galore

One of the SIA Oven's shining strengths is its arsenal of features:

  • True Fan Technology: Ensures even cooking and efficient heat distribution.
  • Digital Timer: Precision at your fingertips.
  • Removable Components: Both the door and the internal glass panel can be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Illuminating Interior: The 25W halogen lights brighten up the oven, making it easy to monitor your culinary creations.
  • ActivEnamel Interior: This is not just any enamel. It's designed for durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Fully Programmable: Perfect for the busy lives many lead. Prepare, set, and let the oven handle the rest.
  • Chrome Racked Sides with Anti-Tilt Shelves: Safety and style go hand in hand.
  • Multi-Functionality: This oven doesn't just bake; it does so much more, making every cooking experience versatile.

Installation and Use

Switching over to a new appliance can sometimes be daunting, especially when installation is involved. However, with the SIA Oven, this reviewer found the process to be remarkably smooth. The product was delivered diligently by a proficient two-person team, ensuring it arrived safely in the kitchen.

For those a bit handy around the house or with professional help like an electrician, connecting this oven to existing wiring is straightforward. Interestingly, despite its robust features, it’s lighter than many of its contemporaries. This, coupled with comprehensive instructions, ensures that you're set for your first cooking escapade in no time.

Once set up, the SIA Oven truly shines. It isn’t just a treat for the eyes, but a maestro in performance. The images available online hardly capture its true beauty. Once installed, it radiates an allure that is both functional and fashionable. And most crucially, it delivers where it matters the most: cooking. Food is baked evenly, ensuring that every dish turns out just right.


For someone who recently transitioned to a new home and was on the quest for the ideal oven, the SIA Black Built-In Double Electric Oven has been nothing short of a revelation. It effortlessly marries form with function. For those in search of a reliable, stylish, and feature-packed oven, the choice is clear. This oven doesn't just meet expectations; it surpasses them. Highly recommended for the modern kitchen.

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