Saris Bones Bike Carrier Review

Saris Bones Bike Carrier
The Saris Bones Bike Carrier is a durable, adaptable, and efficient solution for bike transportation, offering a universal fit, ease of assembly, and decent security. A dependable companion for all bike enthusiasts.
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Dedicated cyclists need a reliable means to transport their bikes to their preferred cycling spots. When it comes to dependable carriers, the Saris Bones Bike Carrier certainly takes the lead. It's not just about functionality; its clever design is both appealing and utilitarian.

Solid Build & Compatibility

This bike rack's robust engineering guarantees a secure hold for your bikes. Its engineered-resin construction is unrivalled on the market, demonstrating immense resilience and stability, even at motorway speeds. Despite the unconventional boot shape of a Renault Megane hatchback, the Saris Bones Bike Carrier fits like a glove. Even for the sleek E-Class Convertible, this bike carrier integrates smoothly.

Benefits include:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Two bike capacity (15 kg per bike)
  • Suits a wide range of bikes, including mountain, road, women's and children's bikes
  • Injection-moulded design

Ease of Use

One key advantage is its simple assembly. Even for a novice, the fitting process, although possibly time-consuming at first (up to 45 minutes), becomes more efficient with time and practice. Having a second person to hold the rack during setup may facilitate a smoother installation.

Remember, though, to check the tension of the straps periodically during longer journeys. A day's worth of driving could loosen them slightly, necessitating occasional tightening.

Security & Loading

Security is a valid concern for any car accessory. While the nylon straps might not offer the highest level of theft prevention, users can incorporate additional measures for peace of mind. For instance, fitting a horizontal bar onto the car roof would provide an anchor for a sturdy chain. However, any potential thief would have to be quite determined to cut through the straps, so a degree of safety is still ensured.

Loading bikes onto the carrier can be a bit tedious, taking a while to get them securely positioned. That said, once you've figured out a system that works for you, the process should become more streamlined. The use of additional bungie cords and strategic wheel removal can enhance stability and maintain good light visibility during transport.

Journey & Storage

Whether you're travelling on A roads or the motorway, from Birmingham to Cambridge or from the UK to Northern Italy, the Saris Bones Bike Carrier remains a faithful companion. However, always ensure the belts are tightened properly to avoid any shift in position during longer journeys.

When it comes to storing this carrier, it's worth noting that it's not the smallest item. However, its clever foldable design does help in stowing it away neatly in your garage or shed.

Final Verdict

The Saris Bones Bike Carrier is a durable, flexible, and efficient bike transportation solution. Whether you're an occasional cyclist or a dedicated biker, the Saris Bones Bike Carrier can make your life significantly easier. It's well-designed, adaptable to different car models, and reliable. As they say, well done to the designers!

So, for anyone in the market for a bike carrier, the Saris Bones Bike Carrier comes highly recommended. It's more than just a product; it's a solution for bike enthusiasts to seamlessly carry their passion wherever they go.

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