Rocket Butter Car Shampoo Review

Our classic gleam formula. Tough on dirt & grime, but kind on paint.

Just 3-4 capfuls will make up a whole bucket!

Fizzy orange scent.

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What We Say

What is it:

Rocket Butter describe the product as their classic gleam formula that is tough on dirt but kind on paint. 3-4 capfuls of product are required with a fizzy orange scent.

How we tested it:

We were sent a sample of Rocket Butter shampoo for trial and used it on an array of vehicles using the two bucket wash method. As with other shampoos we particularly looked for overall performance of the product, lubricity, smell and ease of use.

We Liked:

  • Smells great and the smell lasts during the wash process which is rare to find, real pleasure to use.
  • Cleaned quickly and effectively with a nice feel under the wash mitt.
  • Nice and thick which reassures you for its lubricity and paint safety qualities.
  • Great value with 500ml available for £6.00.

We Didn't like:

  • Not as dilutable as some rival products but not uneconomical either.
  • Not clear whether the product is PH neutral or Balanced and as such not sure if wax/coating safe. We are assuming not as it doesn't state that it is.
  • Packaging would benefit from a spouted top to dispense last dregs of bottle due to the thickness.


We like quirky car shampoos. It's one of the areas that manufacturers can be creative with and Rocket Butter have done so without compromising on quality. It's a lovely product to use and has a premium feel to it during use whilst smelling fantastic (though we thought more cherry than orange, must be us!). A very competent first stage car shampoo but we cannot comment on regular use for those who protect their vehicles with wax and coatings.

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