Road Angel Halo Pro Review

Road Angel Halo Pro
With the build quality we have come to expect from Road Angel, the Halo Pro didn't disappoint - and came with one or two unexpected perks!
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What We Say

What is it?

I was fortunate enough to be able to test the Halo Pro front and rear dashcam package from Road Angel.

As we have come to expect from Road Angel, as soon as you open the box – even the packing feels very well made - and gives a feel of great quality from the start. This continues right through to the contents – everything was well-secured, in foam packing.

Road Angel Halo Pro Package Contents
Road Angel Halo Pro Package Contents

The instructions are easy to understand and have clear diagrams for setting it all up. The connecting cables are plenty long enough and the connectors are easy to use and feel secure. The connector to the front camera has a securing screw, to prevent the power lead from working loose with road vibration.

Road Angel Halo Pro
Road Angel Halo Pro

This test unit was fitted to a Volvo estate car - and had more than enough cable to reach the rear-view camera.

Fixing the camera to the windscreen needs some thought, as once stuck, it isn’t really able to be removed and refitted easily – as it sticks so well! (You do get a second sticking pad for the front camera, should you need to move it to another position or another car in the future).

The unit slides on and off its windscreen carrier very easily - and is useful for taking the unit indoors if required. This also makes removal of the SD card much easier to accomplish.

The App was easy to install and I was able to easily adjust the angle of both cameras to ensure the best field of view both front and rear.

Once installed and linked to my phone, the unit set up without problems and confirms to the user that it is recording, and that the GPS is active.

I did notice that the snapshot sensor is quite sensitive, and a bump in the road can trigger the shutter sound as it takes a snapshot. I found that I could also tap the unit to replicate this if necessary. This could actually be very useful if you want to take a quick still image or whatever’s in the camera view at any point.

The video is very good quality - 2K/1440p front and 1080p rear - and it's easy to scroll through to find a point in time from your journey. You can take a short segment of this portion and add titles and background music (although I didn’t try the music out).

Downloading your footage to the app/phone isn't automatic. You open the app and then the ‘phone connects to the Halo Pro wirelessly to download any footage from the camera.

Overall I’m very pleased with the Halo Pro - and definitely feel more confident about driving on busy roads knowing I have a record of who and what is around me.

I’m sure that when some drivers behind me saw the rear-view camera, they actually dropped back from tailgating me – which could be another added bonus of having the rear camera as well as the front!

Pro Tip:

If you think you can live without the rear camera, it's also worth looking at our top-rated dash cam - which coincidentally is also from Road Angel - the Halo Ultra. That one has the highest recording quality we've seen, but it is front camera only.

We liked:

  • Feels like it's really well-made (I'm sure all Road Angel products do/are!)
  • Easy to set up
  • The 3-year warranty is very reassuring
  • Recording both front and rear views gives great peace of mind

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