Ring RTC 2000 Tyre Inflator Review

Ring Automotive RTC2000 Cordless Tyre Inflator
The **Ring RTC 2000 Tyre Inflator** offers swift, intelligent tyre inflation with added power bank functionality. Its compact, cordless design is perfect for cars and bikes, delivering convenience and reliability at a competitive price
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The automotive world is blessed with a myriad of gadgets designed to make our driving, riding, and overall mobility experience a notch better. The Ring RTC 2000 Tyre Inflator sits prominently in this category. As tyres form the vital contact point between your vehicle and the road, ensuring their optimal inflation isn't just about performance—it's about safety too.

Key Benefits

  • Portability & Versatility: Perfect for cars, motorbikes, and bicycles.
  • Swift Performance: Inflate bicycle tyres in under two minutes and car tyres in merely three minutes.
  • Intelligent Inflation: Preserves four tailored pressure settings; digital halt mechanism ensures tyres aren't over-inflated.
  • On-the-move Charging: Comes with a 5200mAH power bank functionality. Ideal for mobile phone charging.
  • Night-time and Emergency Usage: In-built LED light ensures usage in dim light isn't an issue.
  • Storage Solutions: Thoughtfully designed storage for air hose and adapters, alongside an included bike bracket and storage bag.
  • Complete Package: Comes with a 2-piece adaptor set suitable for bikes, air beds, and other inflatable items.

In-depth Dive

At first glance, the RTC 2000 is a compact device that promises much by way of utility. Without the hindrance of a power cord, it offers unhindered mobility around one's vehicle. The convenience this brings to the table is unparalleled—no more wrestling with tangled wires or navigating limited reach.

A pivotal feature is its memory function. Having the ability to recall four distinct pressure settings means a fuss-free experience for users. You set it, and the device remembers. Partnered with the digital autostop, users can rest easy knowing the risk of over inflation is almost null.

Night-time usage or sudden roadside emergencies? The LED light proves invaluable. It's those little things that enhance overall usability.

The bonus? It's not just an inflator. The power bank functionality means you can juice up your mobile devices on the move—a feature that today's tech-reliant generation will undoubtedly value.

The compact nature of the RTC 2000 shouldn't be mistaken for lack of prowess. It's powerful enough for everyday tyre maintenance and proves to be an ally for bikers and cyclists. The unit can even be stored on the bike, thanks to the included bracket.

User Experience

One user pointed out the sheer convenience of having the RTC 2000, especially when compared to the unpredictability of petrol station air machines. While its prowess in inflating a completely flat tyre might be in question, for top-ups and regular maintenance, it's a gem.

Another user, focused on its portability and cable-free design, praised its efficiency in inflating bike tyres with Schrader valves. The intuitive auto-stop function, paired with minimal air loss during detachment, made the experience pleasant. However, a pointer for the makers might be to look into clearer instructions for new users.

A particularly intriguing testimony comes from an e-bike owner. The RTC 2000 handled the large 26 x 4-inch tyres with aplomb, inflating them from a flat state to 20psi. The subsequent update revealed it had the stamina to inflate four 26"x 4.8" tyres to 12psi—a testament to its endurance and reliability.


In the grand scheme of automotive accessories, the Ring RTC 2000 Tyre Inflator might seem like just another addition. However, its practicality, multi-functionality, and the sheer convenience it brings to the table make it stand out. While there's room for minor improvements, for its price point, it's undeniably value for money. For those in search of a reliable inflating companion for their vehicles, this gadget could be just the ticket.

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