Ring Automotive RTC1000 Tyre Pump Review

The RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator makes tyre maintenance fast and easy. The RTC1000 inflates a 13" tyre in just 2 minutes. It comes with three adaptors, LED light storage case, spare valve caps and latex gloves. Easy to use where you need it, the RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator is powered directly from your in-car 12V socket. Clearly see readings thanks to the large backlit digital screen.
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What We Say

What is it?

The Ring RTC1000 Tyre Inflator is a 12V digital rapid pre-set air compressor from Ring Automotive. The inflator comes in a storage bag (always useful!) but also contains some protective gloves, which are ideal for protecting you from the dirt on your wheels and valves. It has a large digital display that shows the current pressure reading and your target pressure, plus a status indicator across the middle.

When attaching the pump to your tyre valve using the screwed air hose the current tyre pressure will be displayed on the screen after a few seconds. Using the small yellow dial on the front you can set your desired pressure and then press it in to confirm your selection. Then at the bottom is a big power button that you can't miss - this gets the inflation process underway.

There is a button on the front for the light that is located on the right-hand side of the unit, and a small indent for you to put your valve cap for safekeeping while inflating your tyre.

On the left-hand side is a storage gap for the inflation tube and connector, and on the underside is the 3.5m 12V power cable that is on a reel for easy tidy away.

The pump claims to inflate a 13" tyre from 0 PSI to 35 PSI in just 2 minutes - which I believe is one of the quickest in their range. In the real world you will be inflating tyres on your drive most of the time, so a few extra minutes wouldn't be too much of an issue.

The Ring RTC1000 is easy to use and no louder than any other pump we've used really. The power cable is easy to wind back in, but you need to manually manipulate the inflation tube back into the recess, but it's not difficult. On the end of the inflation tube is a screw-on fitting that generally we find easier than the clip-on ones, then on the fitting is a pressure-release button to allow you to deflate easily.

It currently retails at around £45.

How we tested it?

We've tested this one with a few different sized tyres and vehicles.

We Liked:

  • Seems to inflate the tyres fairly quickly as promised
  • There is an LED light giving you some light when trying to inflate tyres in low light
  • The LCD screen allows you to preset your tyre pressure and the pump will keep going until it's inflated sufficiently.
  • It comes with a case - this is always a bonus as otherwise it gets put in the boot and knocked around.
  • We actually quite like the few extras it comes with, the gloves and the valve caps. Yeah sure, they aren't needed but a nice to have.
  • I don't think we've ever had a Ring Automotive product that hasn't felt like a good quality product, this again feels like it will last.

We didn't like:

  • We're struggling for negatives to be honest and if we're being really critical, when setting a target pressure, it will occasionally fall to just under that pressure after automatically switching off.


Overall, I think the Ring RTC1000 is an excellent digital tyre inflator and does everything we ask of it. We were clutching at straws to find negatives with this really as it does everything well and is well priced for the quality you'd expect from Ring.

Before this one we owned the RAC630 which has been a great servant over the years, and I fully expect this one to live up to expectations too. Would I recommend it? Yes.


SaleBestseller No. 1
Ring Automotive - RTC1000 12V rapid tyre inflator air compressor car pump with preset digital pressure gauge, memory function, 2 min inflation, LED light, carry case, valve adaptor kit
  • Fast And accurate. The RTC1000 is a high-speed Inflator that can inflate a 13” tyre from 0psi to 35psi in just 2 mins. The Quick-Set Auto stop also makes it easy to accurate inflate your tyres.
  • See clearly. The large backlit digital screen shows readings clearly in any light levels and has progress bar so you can track your inflation. It is positioned on top of the unit, so it can be easily seen .
  • Designed for exceptional Performance. The long 3.5M cable and 70cm air Hose make it easy to reach the tyres all around the vehicle. There’s even a holder for your dust cap – so you won’t lose it when you’re inflating .
SaleBestseller No. 2
Ring Automotive - RTC450 Digital Tyre Inflator with Auto Stop, Memory, LED Light, Backlit Display and Adaptor Kit. New 2022 Ring model ,BLACK/GREY/YELLOW
  • Auto Express 'recommended' 2022. A recommended product in the annual Auto Express best tyre inflator guide
  • Large, backlit digital screen makes it easy to program the correct pressure and monitor progress
  • Auto stop cuts inflation once the desired pressure is achieved, whilst a Memory function stores settings for next time
SaleBestseller No. 3
Ring Automotive - RAC610 12v electric tyre inflator air compressor car pump with pressure gauge and valve adaptors for car, motorbike, bike, ball and inflatables
  • A firm favourite with Amazon customers and reviewers. Over 200,000 units sold and 16,000 positive Amazon reviews globally
  • Fast inflation. Despite it's compact size, the RAC610 can inflate a 13" care tyre to 35 PSI in under 4.5 minutes.
  • Easy to use. Simple, quick, one button operation. No complicated settings and easy to read analogue pressure gauge with measurements in PSI, bar and kPa
SaleBestseller No. 4
Ring Automotive - RTC2000 Digital Rechargeable Cordless Tyre Inflator Air Compressor and Electric Bike Pump with Pressure Gauge Memory LED Light Powerbank and Adaptor kit, Black
  • Portable and versatile - Ideal for topping up car tyres and inflating the tyres of motorbikes and bicycles from flat.
  • Fast and Reliable - Inflates bike tyres in less than 2 minutes and tops up a car tyre (25 to 35 PSI) in just 3 minutes
  • Smart Inflation - Memory function stores 4 pre-set pressure settings and digital autostop prevents over inflation.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Ring Automotive RTC4000 cordless tyre inflator air compressor car pump. Rechargeable, auto stop, LED light, digital screen, memory function, case and adaptor kit
  • Memory function can store up to 4 tyre pressures in PSI, BAR or kPA; Cordless and rechargeable via 1m USB-C cable (included);
  • Programmable pressure setting with auto-stop function; Onboard storage for 60cm air hose; Powerful LED light;
  • Smart storage case allows you to charge the inflator whilst still in the bag, with storage for cable;
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