Ring Automotive RCT1 European Travel Kit Review

Ring Automotive RCT1 European Travel Kit
The Ring Automotive RCT1 European Travel Kit is an affordable, all-in-one solution for meeting legal requirements and safety essentials while driving in Continental Europe.
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Avoid Unwanted Penalties

Driving in Continental Europe requires compliance with the legal essentials. Failure to adhere to these regulations could lead to on-the-spot fines. The Ring Automotive RCT1 European Travel Kit comes equipped with everything necessary for your journey.

Safety Essentials

The kit contains a variety of items designed to keep you safe and prepared while driving:

  • Warning triangle
  • 2 high visibility vests
  • Universal bulb kit
  • First aid kit
  • Foil blanket
  • Beam reflectors
  • UK stickers (replacing GB stickers)

These items are legally required in countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Poland.

Updated Contents

Post-Brexit, the RCT1 European Travel Kit now includes the new UK stickers instead of the previous GB stickers. Additionally, due to regulation changes in the UK and France, the kit no longer contains an NF breathalyser.

Stay Organised

The RCT1 European Travel Kit includes a convenient storage case to keep everything neatly organised in your car. Velcro strips allow for easy attachment to the boot lining.


  • All-in-one solution for European driving regulations
  • Compact and convenient storage case
  • Meets legal requirements for multiple countries
  • Updated UK sticker to avoid fines
  • Excellent customer support from the manufacturer

Room for Improvement

While the kit is comprehensive, it only includes one warning triangle, whereas two are required in Spain. Additionally, some customers reported receiving only one hi-vis vest. Ensure you check the contents of your kit before setting off on your journey.

Final Verdict

The Ring Automotive RCT1 European Travel Kit offers a convenient, all-in-one solution for meeting the legal requirements and safety needs of driving in Continental Europe. The updated UK sticker helps motorists avoid fines, and the storage case keeps everything tidy and organised.

While there is room for improvement with the inclusion of two warning triangles and ensuring all kits contain two hi-vis vests, the overall convenience and affordability make it a worthwhile investment for those planning a European driving holiday.

For around £30, this kit is an essential purchase to avoid on-the-spot fines and the hassle of sourcing these items individually. Like insurance, it's something you hope you'll never have to use but proves invaluable if you do. Recommended for anyone planning a trip to the continent this summer.

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