Ring Automotive RAC630 12v Digital Compressor Review

  • 12v Digital Air Compressor with tyre deflation valve.
  • Preset pressure mode with automatic cut off, allows you to easily store your car tyre pressure.
  • Red light for SOS and white light for night time illumination; if you have to inflate your tyre on the roadside in the dark.
  • Complete with handy storage case, allowing you to safely store the compressor in your boot when not in use.
  • Inflates a tyre to 35psi in under 3 minutes, saving you time.
  • Pressure gauge in PSI kg/cm2, for greater accuracy and reliable performance.
  • Complete with 3 piece adapter kit, suitable for inflating sport balls and small inflatables.
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What We Say

What is it?

The Ring Automotive RAC630 is a well-built piece of kit, it feels like a solid unit. It comes presented in a nice zipped fabric case that helps keep it protected when not in use. At around 19cm x 9cm x 17 cm the pump itself is compact enough to store out of the way in your garage or in your car to use on the go.

It comes with a built in LED light with a number of functions including SOS mode. It also comes with a nice long 12v power cable at 3.2m long.

Upon attaching the value screw adapter the current tyre pressure is displayed on the digital screen )switchable between PSI, BAR and KpA), you then have two options; you can just press the power and leave it running until you've got to your required pressure, alternatively you can set your required pressure by holding the + button and then using the + and - buttons to change the value - then simply push the power button and it will inflate to that pressure for you.

Whilst pumping it is quite noisy and tends to vibrate quite a bit, so it would be a good idea to place it on some kind of rubber mat whilst using it, however, it doesn't move far if you don't! The inflation speed is impressive with a manufacturers claim of 28-30L per minute - which would inflate a tyre from flat in 3 minutes.

How we tested it?

We've tested in pump over the past year on various vehicles in a number of circumstances not only on vehicle tyres but other items such as footballs.

We Liked:

  • Feels well-built and like it would stand the test of time
  • Inflates tyres quickly compared to other pumps we have used.
  • Comes well presented in a zipped case to keep it protected on the go
  • Well priced - you can pick it up for around £25 if you shop around
  • Being able to program the pressure is very useful meaning you can just leave it to it.

We didn't like:

  • The coil to wind the cable back onto can be a bit fiddly at times
  • Little bit on the loud side, but for the time it's on it's not a huge issue.


Overall, the Ring Automotive RAC630 pump is good solid pump, in fact one of the best we have tested - it's quick, powerful and relatively easy to use. It comes well presented which helps give it a quality feel to match the performance. All in all, a recommended pump.

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