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Scholl Concepts S20 Black Edition

We purchased a litre of Scholl S20 to use on our paint corrections in the hope that it lived up to its claims. We were particularly looking for the genuine one step potential of the product, its general cutting and refining ability and its ease of use. We have never managed to leave...


AUKEY CC-S7 Car Charger (Aluminium)

We tested it out over a number of weeks to see what it was like over an extended period of time with both one and two devices charging simultaneously. It currently retails at around £8 and comes nicely presented in a small box with a manual and a warranty card. It comes with a...


Lumo Detailing Glass Cleaner

We picked up a 100ml sample from the Lumo team to put through its paces. We tested the product on many vehicles, using it on exterior and interior glass as well as mirrors and polished piano black trim surfaces and similar. As with all glass cleaners it is all about the finish and the ease...


AUKEY HD-C29 Dashboard Mount

We tested it during a trip to Portugal to hold a phone for it's Satellite Navigation and numerous times back in the UK. The beaming sun was a test for the sticky mount on both the windscreen and dashboard....


Bear Car Care Immaculate Premium Shampoo

Bear Car Care have kindly provided us with several of their products to trial, including Immaculate, which we received 500ml of to put through its paces. We have tested Immaculate on a variety of vehicles including those which have a ceramic coating, wax protection and unprotected heavily...


Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover

We have been using Power Maxed TFR for a couple of years now and in that time it has been used for all manner of tasks. We have observed its cleaning power, ease and safety of use and its general place as a product in your routine. Incredible insect remover. You literally see the bugs...


Menzerna Super Finish 3500 Polish

Menzerna 3500 came to our attention through necessity. We had purchased Menzerna 400 and occasionally found despite being a one step product that it left a stage that needed refinement. We purchased 3500 and have used it now for the last couple of years. We are particularly looking...


Bear Car Care - Obliterate Pre Wash

We have had Obliterate on test for quite some time at the studio and been able to put it through a range of tests and challenges in that time. We have looked at its effectiveness at a range of tasks including pre wash, tyre wall cleaning, engine bay cleaning and more! We have largely...




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